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8 Tips - Shopping on Aliexpress
Shopping on Aliexpress

Shopping on Aliexpress : Our 8 Essential Tips to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

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In this article, we will help you shop confidently on Aliexpress.

You will discover the essential criteria for choosing the best products and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

With our tips, you’ll know how to assess product quality, identify reliable sellers, and take advantage of the best deals while avoiding hidden fees.

Follow our recommendations for a successful and secure online shopping experience.

Before going any further, here are the key points to check to shop confidently on Aliexpress:

  • Prefer products ordered at least 200 times.
  • Opt for products rated at least 4.8/5.
  • Read reviews from customers in your country.
  • Watch out for high shipping fees hidden behind attractive prices.
  • Do not rely solely on the images in the listing.
  • Ensure the store has been active for at least one year.
  • Prefer stores with good ratings across all their products.
  • Choose sellers who offer fast shipping and free returns.

1 – The number of orders

Prefer products ordered at least 200 times. A product with many orders indicates increased popularity and reliability. Ideally, look for those ordered 500 times.

This reduces risks and ensures a certain level of quality. Highly ordered items have generally been tested by many customers.

You can thus rely on the experiences of other buyers. In summary, the higher the number of orders, the more confidence you can have in the purchase.

Number of orders on Aliexpress
Number of orders

2 – Product rating

Opt for products rated at least 4.8/5. This high rating almost always guarantees good quality.

Satisfied users leave positive reviews, which increases the average rating.

A rating of 4.8/5 reflects high customer satisfaction. By choosing well-rated products, you reduce the risk of disappointment.

Trust the stars to guide your purchases and ensure you get the best value for money.

Aliexpress product rating
Aliexpress product rating

3 – Customer reviews

Read reviews from customers in your country. These reviews offer valuable and context-specific information.

Customers often share specific details about the quality and use of the products.

Look for recent comments for a current assessment. By consulting these reviews, you avoid unpleasant surprises.

The experiences of other buyers help you make an informed decision. Trust feedback to choose products that meet your expectations.

Another tip: check the number of reviews! With at least 300 reviews, you get a reliable overview of the product’s quality.

Customer reviews on an Aliexpress product
Customer reviews

4 – Shipping fees

Beware of high shipping fees. Some sellers hide these fees behind attractive prices. Always compare the total cost of the product.

Check for free or low-cost shipping options. A low price can hide significant shipping costs. Also, consider delivery times.

By carefully analyzing these elements, you avoid unpleasant surprises. Ensure you get the best value for money by including shipping fees.

Shipping on Aliexpress
Example of paid shipping on Aliexpress

5 – Product images

Do not rely solely on the images in the listing. Look at the actual photos left by other customers in the reviews.

Customer images show the product as it really is. They offer an honest and reliable perspective. Compare customer photos with those in the listing.

You will identify possible discrepancies between the listing and reality. Use these photos to check the quality and details of the product.

By following this advice, you avoid unpleasant surprises and shop with confidence.

Product images
Presentation image of a product VS Photo of the received product

6 – Store age

Ensure the store has been active for at least one year. This ensures its reliability. Stores established for a long time are often more trustworthy.

They have proven themselves with customers. An experienced seller manages orders and returns better. Avoid very recent stores to reduce risks.

Look for the store’s age in the seller details. This information helps you make an informed decision. Trust established sellers for a secure shopping experience.

Store age on Aliexpress
Store age

7 – Store rating

Prefer stores with good ratings across all their products. This is a mark of trust. A good overall rating reflects customer satisfaction.

Check reviews on different products for a complete picture. Well-rated stores generally offer better service.

They are more reliable and better meet customer expectations. Choose these sellers for a positive shopping experience.

Ensure the store maintains a high rating across multiple products. This demonstrates consistency in quality and service.

Store rating
Store rating

8 – Delivery times and return conditions

Choose sellers who offer fast shipping. This ensures you receive your product quickly. Check for free return options.

This is a valuable advantage in case of a problem with the item. Sellers offering these services are generally more reliable. They show a willingness to satisfy their customers.

Compare delivery times between different sellers to choose the best one. Ensure you understand the return conditions before buying.

By following these tips, you secure your purchase and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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In summary, shopping on Aliexpress requires attention to several important criteria. Choose popular and well-rated products to ensure quality.

Read customer reviews to get reliable information. Pay attention to shipping fees and compare total prices. Check the real images of the products and the reliability of the stores.

Prefer sellers with a long history and good overall ratings. Finally, choose those who offer fast shipping and advantageous return conditions.

Follow these tips for a successful and surprise-free shopping experience.

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