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AliExpress Buyer Protection
AliExpress Buyer Protection

AliExpress Buyer Protection : Secure Your Online Purchases

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The buyer protection on AliExpress ensures a refund in case of issues with your order.

This guarantee covers damaged, undelivered, or misdescribed items. The protection lasts for 15 days after order confirmation.

Learn how to use this protection to secure your online purchases and effectively resolve disputes with sellers.

How long does AliExpress buyer protection last?

The buyer protection on AliExpress lasts for 15 days after the confirmation of receipt of your item.

During this period, you can request a refund if the item is damaged, misdescribed, or not received.

Use this time to carefully check your order and report any problems. Once the 15 days have passed, the protection ends.

Make sure to verify your purchase upon receipt to benefit from this guarantee.

What products are covered by buyer protection?

The buyer protection on AliExpress covers all items labeled “Buyer Protection”.

However, there are exceptions. Items damaged by the buyer are not covered. Customized and perishable items are also excluded.

Additionally, items ineligible for hygiene or health reasons are not covered. Be sure to check these details before purchasing.

Use this protection to secure your purchases and avoid inconveniences.

The return/refund process

  1. Contact the store: Send a message with proof (images, screenshots).
  2. Request a return/refund: Go to Account > Orders and follow the steps.
  3. Get a refund: Choose the reason, upload the necessary information, and submit the request.

How to send back an AliExpress package?

Return fees

The return fees are borne by the buyer in case of a change of mind. However, for defective, misdescribed, or incorrect items, the store covers the costs.

Make sure to check the conditions before returning an item. Use buyer protection to ensure a hassle-free return process.

What is the refund time?

The refund is processed between 1 and 10 days to the payment method used. You can also get a quick refund to your AliExpress Bonus account.

Use this option to speed up the process and receive your funds faster. Make sure to follow the steps correctly for prompt processing.

Additional covered situations

The buyer protection also covers seller failures regarding transactions, after-sales services, and logistics.

Moreover, it applies in case of unacceptable behavior by sellers affecting customers’ rights.

Use this protection to ensure a secure shopping experience that respects your rights.

Specific legal requirements by country

Guarantees and return rights vary by country. In the EU, you have a two-year legal guarantee. In Brazil, the guarantee is 30 to 90 days depending on the item.

For more details, check the specific rules in South Korea. Always verify local legal requirements before purchasing.


Contact Customer Service in case of any problem. This service is available to help you quickly resolve disputes and answer your questions.

If you have an issue with your order, don’t waste time looking for complicated solutions. Customer Service is here to guide you through every step of the return or refund process.

For more details on how to use this service effectively, check out our dedicated article. You will find practical advice and detailed steps to ensure a quick and satisfactory resolution of your purchase problems.

How to Contact AliExpress Customer Service ?

Don’t let a minor issue ruin your online shopping experience. Let our support team assist you today.

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