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Electric Bike on AliExpress
Electric Bike on AliExpress

Electric Bike on AliExpress: The Best Models and Buying Tips

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Do you want to buy a cheap electric bike on Aliexpress? You’re in the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to make the best choice.

Buying an electric bike may seem complicated, but with the right advice, it becomes simple. Discover how to confidently buy an electric bike on AliExpress.


Why Buy an Electric Bike on AliExpress?

Buying an electric bike on AliExpress has many advantages. Here’s why this platform is an excellent choice for your purchase.

Advantages of Online Shopping

Online shopping offers convenience and accessibility. You can browse thousands of models from your home.

Additionally, online shopping makes it easy to compare options. AliExpress provides detailed descriptions and customer reviews to help you.

Competitive Prices and Promotions

Prices on AliExpress are often lower than in physical stores. You will find competitive prices and regular special offers.

Moreover, AliExpress offers coupons and discounts that make the purchase even more economical. Take advantage of the promotions to get the best value for your money.

Wide Range of Models Available

AliExpress offers a wide range of models of electric bikes. Whether you are looking for an urban, off-road, or foldable model, you will find what you need.

Options vary in terms of power, autonomy, and design. Thus, you can choose a bike that perfectly suits your needs.

Electric bikes on Aliexpress
Electric bikes on Aliexpress

How to Choose the Right Electric Bike on AliExpress?

Buying an electric bike on AliExpress can be simple if you follow the right criteria. Here’s how to choose the ideal model.

Selection Criteria

When choosing an electric bike, consider the following elements:

  • Battery: Check the autonomy and lifespan.
  • Motor: Choose a power suited to your needs.
  • Autonomy: Choose based on your daily trips.
  • Power: Ensure it matches the intended use.

Read Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews are essential. Read the comments to understand the quality and performance of the bikes.

Ratings provide valuable information about the reliability of the seller and the product. Don’t overlook other buyers’ feedback.

Checking Technical Characteristics and Specifications

Carefully examine the technical characteristics. Compare specifications like weight, maximum speed, and materials used.

Make sure the bike meets your expectations in terms of performance and comfort.

The Best Electric Bike Models on AliExpress

The Best Electric Bike Brands on Aliexpress

On AliExpress, several electric bike models stand out for their performance and popularity. Here are some of the best:


  • 48V lithium batteries
  • Brushless motor
  • Autonomy from 50 to 90 km
  • Speed of 45 km/h
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

Shengmilo models are known for their robust performance and high-quality finishes. They also offer folding urban bikes, ideal for small spaces.



  • 36V lithium battery
  • Maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • Autonomy from 55 to 80 km
  • Disc brakes

HIMO offers practical folding urban bikes for city commuting. Their mini electric bike is an innovative choice for those lacking space.



  • Aluminum alloy frames
  • Brushless motor
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

LANKELEISI specializes in electric mountain bikes and road bikes. Their models offer high efficiency and long autonomy.



  • Aluminum alloy frames
  • Brushless motor
  • 48V lithium battery
  • Disc brakes

Keeper&Jim is known for its folding electric bikes and urban models with a retro design. They combine style and performance.



  • Lithium battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

GUNAI offers bikes with wide wheels for better grip. They are perfect for secure city or country trips.


Comparison of Prices and Features

Comparing prices and features is crucial to finding the best electric bike. Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Battery autonomy
  • Motor power
  • Type of brakes
  • Frame materials

Prices vary based on these specifications. Take the time to compare to get the best value for money.

Lifespan and Maintenance of Electric Bikes

An electric bike generally lasts between 3 and 5 years. This duration depends on usage and maintenance.

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your electric bike. Clean it often and check the condition of the components.

Lubricate the moving parts and tighten the screws regularly. This prevents premature wear and maintains optimal performance.

Some parts need to be replaced to ensure the durability of your electric bike.

  • Battery: Replace it every 3 to 5 years.
  • Motor: Monitor for signs of weakness and replace if necessary.
  • Brakes: Check regularly and replace worn pads.

Proper maintenance and regular replacements ensure a long life for your electric bike. Enjoy optimal performance and ride safely.

Potential Drawbacks and Risks

Limitations of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have limitations. Their speed is limited to 25 km/h. The autonomy depends on the battery. They are heavier than traditional bikes.

Maintenance can be expensive. They also present an increased risk of theft.

Risks Associated with Buying on AliExpress

Buying an electric bike on AliExpress carries risks. You might receive counterfeits.

Quality can be variable. Delivery times are sometimes long. Warranties are not always reliable.

Tips to Avoid Pitfalls

To avoid pitfalls, follow these tips:

  • Buy from reliable sellers with good ratings.
  • Read descriptions and customer reviews carefully.
  • Check return policies and warranties.
  • Compare prices and features.
  • Ask the seller questions if necessary.

Buying Guide: Steps to Buy an Electric Bike on AliExpress

Creating an AliExpress Account

To start, create an account on AliExpress. Check out our detailed article for a complete guide from A to Z on creating an account.

An account allows you to track your orders and take advantage of promotions.

Creating an Aliexpress Account : A Step-by-Step Guide

Searching and Filtering Products

Next, search and filter products. Use filters to narrow down your search by price, reviews, and features.

Read our article on how to choose a good product on AliExpress for more details. This will help you find the perfect electric bike.

Ultimate Guide to Finding a Good Product on Aliexpress

Tips to Secure Your Purchase

To secure your purchase, follow these tips:

  • Select reliable sellers with good ratings.
  • Use secure payment methods like PayPal.
  • Read customer reviews and product descriptions carefully.
  • Check return and warranty policies.

Shipping and Delivery

Available Delivery Options

AliExpress offers several delivery options. You can choose between standard, expedited, or express delivery. Each option has its advantages.

Standard delivery is economical, while express delivery is faster. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Estimated Delivery Time

The delivery time varies depending on the chosen option. Standard delivery usually takes 10 to 45 days.

Express delivery can take between 7 and 15 days. Check the delivery estimates before finalizing your purchase to plan accordingly.

Everything You Need to Know About AliExpress Delivery Times

Order Tracking and Reception

Once your order is placed, you can track it easily. AliExpress provides a tracking number for each shipment. Use this number on the AliExpress tracking site or the carrier’s site.

This allows you to know the location of your electric bike at any time. Make sure to be available to receive your package upon arrival.

Track My Order on AliExpress: A Complete Guide

Return and Warranty

AliExpress offers a flexible return policy. You can return a non-compliant or defective product. Read the return conditions carefully. Each seller may have specific rules.

To handle disputes, use the AliExpress claims center. Open a dispute if you encounter a problem. Provide evidence to support your claim.

AliExpress acts as a mediator to resolve conflicts between buyers and sellers.

Warranties vary by seller. Some offer extended warranties on electric bikes. Always check the details before buying.

A good warranty typically covers the battery and motor. Choose sellers with strong warranty policies to ensure the longevity of your purchase.

AliExpress Warranty : Protect Your Online Purchases


Buying an electric bike on AliExpress offers many advantages. You benefit from competitive prices, a wide range of models, and attractive promotions. Choose a bike by checking the battery, motor, and customer reviews.

Select reliable sellers and use secure payment methods. Read product descriptions carefully. Check return and warranty policies before buying.

Buying an electric bike is an investment. Take the time to compare options. Make an informed choice to fully enjoy your purchase on AliExpress. Ride confidently and enjoy your new electric bike!

FAQ on Electric Bikes

What is the lifespan of an electric bike?

The average lifespan of an electric bike is 3 to 5 years, without replacing parts or maintenance. This largely depends on the failure of electrical components such as the battery and motor.

How much does a good electric bike cost?

The price of a good electric bike varies between €1,300 and €2,500. From €1,500, you can get efficient mid-drive motors and significant autonomy.

What power for an electric bike?

Most electric bike motors offer a power of 250 watts. There are also models with 500, 750, or even 1,000 watts.

What are the disadvantages of an electric bike?

The disadvantages of an electric bike include a speed limit of 25 km/h, autonomy dependent on the battery, significant maintenance costs, and heavier weight.

What mileage for an electric bike?

An electric bike battery can reach 500 charge cycles, or 30,000 to 50,000 km before losing autonomy.

Which electric bike for 40 km a day?

A fast electric bike or speed bike is ideal for trips over 30 km, reaching speeds of 45 km/h.

What is the right power for an electric bike?

For urban use, a power of 250 watts is largely sufficient according to European legislation.

What is the difference between an electric bike and a pedal-assist bike?

A pedal-assist bike (PAB) is distinguished by its assisted pedaling system, where the motor stops when the user stops pedaling or reaches 25 km/h.

What size to choose for an electric bike?

Choose the frame size based on your height:

  • 160-170 cm: 48-52 cm
  • 170-175 cm: 52-55 cm
  • 175-180 cm: 55-58 cm
  • 180-185 cm: 58-61 cm

What is important in an electric bike?

The battery is the most important element. Check its autonomy and lifespan.

What is the average weight of an electric bike?

The average weight of an electric bike is between 20 and 30 kilograms. Choose based on your preferences for maneuverability or stability.

Does an electric bike tire you out?

Using an electric bike is less tiring than a traditional bicycle thanks to the electric assistance, which reduces the effort needed.

What are the negative effects of cycling?

Cycling risks mainly include falls and micro-traumas due to a poor fit between the rider and the machine.

Is it difficult to ride an electric bike?

No, riding an electric bike is as simple as a traditional bicycle. It is an enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone.

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