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In this article, we will clarify the concept of AliExpress Coins.

If you have accumulated coins but don’t know how to use them, this article is for you.

We will explore how to earn more coins, their use, and share some tips to optimize their usage.

We will also answer frequently asked questions about AliExpress coins to help you improve your online shopping experience.

AliExpress Coins
How to use your coins

What are AliExpress coins and what are they used for?

Definition of AliExpress Coins

The AliExpress Coins are a reward system put in place by the platform to value its customers.

They are earned by performing specific actions such as purchasing products, participating in surveys, or promotions.

The accumulation of these coins offers the possibility to convert them into discount coupons, usable on your future purchases.

Different ways to acquire AliExpress Coins

To earn AliExpress Coins, various tasks can be performed.

These include participating in surveys, validating your account, engaging in promotions or making purchases.

The volume of coins you can amass for each task varies. It depends on the number of coins available and the number of participants.

Using coins to obtain discounts

By converting your coins into discount coupons, you can benefit from significant discounts on your next AliExpress purchases.

This is a great opportunity to save on products that interest you.

It is nevertheless essential to remember that these coupons can be subject to specific terms of use and may only be valid for a limited period.
Obtaining AliExpress coins

How to exchange my AliExpress coins for coupons?

The conversion process

To transform your coins into discount coupons, you must first log in to the site.

Coupon packs are offered every hour, ready to be exchanged depending on your balance of coins.

The exchange system operates as follows: 200 coins for a €2 discount, 300 coins for a €3 discount, 500 coins for a €5 discount, 600 coins for a €6 discount, and 700 coins for a €7 discount.

Note that the conversion of coins into coupons can only be done via the app. If you click on “Exchange coupon” from the website, you will be redirected to the app.

Download the Aliexpress app to convert your coupons
Download the Aliexpress app

Coupons are in limited quantity, and those with a lower discount are usually exhausted first.

Keep an eye on upcoming coupon distributions and make sure to click on “Exchange coupon” in the last seconds to obtain the desired coupon.

The value of coins in terms of products

The ability to translate AliExpress Coins into tangible products is one of the features that makes this loyalty program so attractive.

But how many coins exactly are needed to obtain a product for free or at a reduced price?

The conversion table below gives an overview of the value of coins in terms of discount:

Number of Coins Discount in €
200 coins 2 €
300 coins 3 €
500 coins 5 €
600 coins 6 €
700 coins 7 €

How coins influence the product price?

For example, if you are interested in an item priced at 15€ on AliExpress, you can use 700 coins to obtain a 7€ discount. Thus, the item would only cost you 8€ in the end.

For a 5€ product, 500 coins would allow obtaining a 5€ discount, making the product free.

It is important to note that the conversion of coins into discount coupons can only be done via the AliExpress app and that these coupons may be subject to specific terms of use.

Ultimately, AliExpress Coins can truly influence the final cost of your purchases and transform your shopping sessions into a hunt for bargains.

How to accumulate AliExpress coins?

To optimize your collection of AliExpress Coins, the AliExpress app is your ally. Here are several methods to increase your number of coins:

  • Perform a daily “check-in” on the app.
  • Participate in the games available on AliExpress.
  • Complete the daily tasks suggested by AliExpress.

To perform a daily check-in, you just need to click on “Coins” at the top of the app’s homepage.

Then click on the chest icon at the top right of the window that appears.

This action allows you to add coins each day, with the amount gradually increasing.

To not forget this step, you can activate a “daily reminder to get coins.” You will find this option next to the chest icon.

As for the games, AliExpress offers several that you can play to earn additional coins.
Shopping with coins

How to earn more coins?

AliExpress offers several games to help you increase your coin balance. The two most popular are “Surprise Cards” and the “Wheel of Fortune.”

Surprise Cards

Each game of Surprise Cards costs you 5 coins, but each turn can win you much more. You are allowed to play up to 10 times per day, which multiplies your chances of accumulating coins.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune operates differently. To be able to use it, you must invite a friend to play by sending them a link.

When they use this link, the wheel spins and allows you to win coins, discount vouchers, or even other prizes.

No matter the outcome of the spin, you are guaranteed to win at least 100 coins. This is an excellent way to quickly increase your coin stash.

Tips to maximize the accumulation of AliExpress coins

Be regular

The simplest and most effective tip to maximize your accumulation of coins is to be regular.

Indeed, the daily check-in system on the AliExpress app allows you to progressively increase the number of coins earned.

Make the most of the games

The games offered by AliExpress are a goldmine for earning coins.

The Surprise Cards and the Wheel of Fortune are particularly generous. Remember, you can play Surprise Cards up to 10 times a day!

Invite your friends

The Wheel of Fortune offers even greater rewards when you invite a friend to play.

The more friends you invite, the more chances you have to win.

Complete the daily tasks

Daily tasks are offered to you on the AliExpress app.

By completing them, you can earn additional coins. So be diligent to amass as many coins as possible.

User reviews on AliExpress coins

The accumulation and use of AliExpress Coins can vary from one user to another. Here are some user testimonials to help you understand their experience.

Accumulating coins: Child’s play?

Sophie, a regular user of AliExpress, shares her experience: “I find it quite easy to accumulate coins, especially if you use the app every day. The daily check-in and games allow me to regularly earn coins. It’s a habit I’ve taken up and find quite playful.

Transforming coins into discounts: An undeniable advantage

For Marc, another user, using coins has become an important part of his purchases: “At first, I didn’t really pay attention to the coins. But when I realized that I could get real discounts on my purchases, I started to accumulate them more actively. Now, I regularly save a few euros on my purchases thanks to the coins I’ve accumulated.

An overall positive experience

Overall, most users seem satisfied with their experience with AliExpress coins.

The testimonials show that the ability to easily accumulate coins and convert them into discounts makes shopping on AliExpress even more attractive.

Recent updates to the AliExpress coin system

AliExpress is constantly listening to its users and strives to improve its features to offer the best possible experience.

The same goes for its coin system. Here are some of the recent updates that might interest you.

Increasing the daily coin cap

Previously, AliExpress limited the number of coins you could earn each day.

However, following user feedback, the platform has recently increased this cap.

This means you can now earn more coins each day, allowing you to accumulate discounts more quickly.

Introduction of new tasks to earn coins

AliExpress has introduced new tasks to perform to earn coins.

These tasks may include participating in specific promotions, exploring certain sections of the app, or completing mini-games.

These new tasks offer more diversity and options for earning coins.

Improvements to the coin games

AliExpress has made improvements to its games, like the “Wheel of Fortune” and “Surprise Cards.”

These changes have made these games more engaging and have increased the number of coins you can earn by participating.

In conclusion, AliExpress is constantly striving to improve its coin system to maximize the experience of its users.

Make sure to regularly check for updates to fully enjoy these improvements.

FAQ about AliExpress Coins

What happens if I don’t use my coins before they expire?

AliExpress Coins have an expiration date. If you do not use them in time, they will disappear from your account.

Is there a limit to the number of coins I can accumulate?

Yes, there is a limit. However, AliExpress has recently increased this limit to allow you to earn more coins per day.

Can I give or exchange my coins with other users?

No, you cannot. The coins are tied to your account and cannot be transferred.

Are AliExpress coins available in all countries?

Yes, all AliExpress users worldwide can earn and use coins.

Can I use my coins for all products on AliExpress?

AliExpress coins are generally converted into coupons that can be used on most products. However, some restrictions may apply to certain products.

Do AliExpress coins have a monetary value?

The coins do not have monetary value in themselves. However, they can be converted into discount coupons for purchases on AliExpress.

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