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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section dedicated to AliExpress.

As you may know, AliExpress is an online commerce platform based in China. This marketplace offers a wide range of products at competitive prices.

However, this diversity can also raise many questions regarding the ordering process, delivery, parcel tracking, and more.

This FAQ aims to provide you with clear and concise answers to these questions, whether you are a new user or an experienced shopper on AliExpress.

We will cover topics such as the ordering process, shipping details, parcel management, refund procedures, and more.

Our goal is to help you navigate AliExpress efficiently and enhance your shopping experience.

Whether you’re looking to understand how to place an order, avoid customs fees, or find out why deliveries can take time, you will find answers to these questions and many others here.

FAQ Aliexpress
AliExpress FAQ

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is AliExpress reliable?

AliExpress is a renowned e-commerce platform. While shipping can take time due to the distance from China, the vast selection of products and the accuracy of the descriptions to the items make AliExpress a reliable option for online shopping.

Is Aliexpress Reliable ? Here’s Our Opinion

How to Place an Order on AliExpress?

Shopping on AliExpress is straightforward. First create an account, then search for the desired product. You can explore different categories, add items to your cart, and finally place your order. The payment options are varied for a comfortable user experience.

How to Order on AliExpress ?

How to Get Free Items on AliExpress?

On AliExpress, the “Swaps and Reviews” category allows you to apply to receive free products, twice a day. Thus, you can get items without spending a penny.

How to get free gifts on AliExpress ?

Why Are There Two Prices on AliExpress?

AliExpress offers additional options with some products. These options can cause a variation in the initial price. Thus, you might see two prices for the same product.

Understanding the Two Different Prices on the Same Product on AliExpress

Do You Have to Pay Customs Fees on AliExpress?

With AliExpress, you are buying internationally. Therefore, you might have to pay customs fees. These fees depend on the country of shipment, the type of items, their value, and the weight of the package.

AliExpress Customs Fees : The Explanatory Guide

What is the Location of the AliExpress Store in France?

AliExpress has a postal address in France at 6 rue Menars, 75002 Paris. This address can be used to settle disputes or make claims.

What are the Risks Associated with Buying on AliExpress?

Although AliExpress offers a vast range of products, it is crucial to note that you are buying from small sellers. Some of them may disappear after a few months. Therefore, avoid buying high-value items from a new seller.

Why Are AliExpress Products So Cheap?

AliExpress, like other online selling platforms, connects third-party sellers with buyers. This approach reduces the number of intermediaries, resulting in lower prices.

Decoding Low Prices on AliExpress : Reasons Explained

How to Avoid Customs Fees on AliExpress?

Orders valued over 150 euros are subject to customs fees. Those valued under 150 euros are exempt from customs fees, but are subject to VAT.

How is AliExpress Parcel Delivery in France?

AliExpress offers delivery by private or Chinese carriers, including TNT, EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, China Post Airmail, Hongkong Post, and S.F.

What if I’m Not Present During Delivery?

If you are not present during the delivery of your AliExpress parcel, unlike many other delivery services, your parcel may be returned to China without a second delivery attempt.

How to Find Good Deals on Aliexpress?

To find good deals on AliExpress, you can use filters to sort products by various criteria, including best sales.

How to Find a Reliable Supplier?

To find a reliable supplier on AliExpress, it is recommended to consider the supplier’s and product’s reviews, delivery times, product origin, the year the supplier registered on the platform, the number of orders, the number of followers of the shop, and the quality of product listings.

How to Recognize the Best Sellers?

The best sellers on AliExpress are often recognizable by a badge next to their shop name.

How to Recognize a Good Seller on AliExpress ?

What are the Aliexpress Delivery Times?

AliExpress offers home delivery, but the delivery time can vary depending on the product’s shipping location. For products shipped from China, the time may be 10 to 60 days, while for products shipped from a warehouse in Europe, the time is usually 5 to 7 days.

Everything You Need to Know About AliExpress Delivery Times

Why is the Delivery Time So Long?

The delivery time for AliExpress can be long because most products are shipped from China, and your package must travel around the world to reach you.

What to Do If I Don’t Receive My Package?

If your AliExpress package does not arrive, you can contact the seller to try to resolve the issue. If that does not work, you can request a refund by opening a dispute before the buyer protection ends.

AliExpress Dispute: Package Not Received, What Should I Do?

What Should I Do in Case of a Problem After Payment?

Orders are paid for by credit card or PayPal. In case of problems, AliExpress customer service can be contacted. It is also important to remember that a withdrawal period is applicable, according to the conditions stipulated during purchase. Shipping costs, in case of withdrawal, remain the responsibility of the user, unless otherwise stated.

How to Download the Aliexpress Logo?

We have created a dedicated page where you can download all formats of the Aliexpress logo.

AliExpress Logo : Download All Existing Formats and Templates

What Happens When I Place an Order?

After placing an order on AliExpress, an order confirmation is sent by email. By logging into their account and accessing the “My Account” section, the user can review their past orders. Each order placed is visible under “My Orders,” accompanied by its associated tracking number.

Once the order is shipped, a package tracking is set up. The carrier, whether Chronopost, Mondial Relay, or another, ensures the delivery of the package. In metropolitan France, the delivery duration is estimated in working days.

A delivery email is sent to the user. Thanks to the tracking number, they can track their package to the delivery address indicated or to the selected relay point. The delivery costs, specified during order confirmation, vary depending on the chosen delivery method.

If the user is not present at the delivery address when the carrier arrives, a notice of passage is left. The package can then be picked up at the nearest post office or relay point. Deliveries are generally made within a few working days, depending on the carrier.

Other Questions

Important Information to Remember

Choosing the Right Seller on AliExpress

  1. The reputation of the seller is essential on AliExpress.
  2. Choose sellers with many positive reviews.
  3. Avoid new sellers with few evaluations.
  4. Sellers certified by AliExpress are often more reliable.
  5. Review product reviews before making a purchase.

Shipping and Delivery on AliExpress

  1. Delivery times on AliExpress may vary.
  2. Most packages are shipped from China.
  3. Customs fees may apply to some orders.
  4. Use order tracking to follow your package.
  5. In case of non-delivery, AliExpress offers buyer protection.

Saving on AliExpress

  1. Take advantage of flash sales for good deals.
  2. Seller coupons can reduce the total cost.
  3. Subscribe to newsletters to get discount codes.
  4. Participate in games on the app to win coupons.
  5. The price may vary depending on the options chosen, compare before buying.

The Last Word

We hope this FAQ about AliExpress has been helpful in understanding and navigating this online commerce platform more effectively. Online shopping, especially on an international platform like AliExpress, can be a daunting task. However, with the right information and some understanding of the processes, it can become an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

Keep in mind that if you encounter problems during your shopping experience on AliExpress, there are always resources available to help you, whether it’s AliExpress customer service, online forums, or consumer guides.

Remember, the key is to stay patient, be diligent in your research, and understand that each shopping experience is an opportunity to learn and improve.

Happy shopping on AliExpress!

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