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he ability to modify your order information depends on the current status of the order:

  • No ongoing order: Change the address on the Delivery Address page. It is recommended to set the frequently used address as the default address of your account for future orders.
  • Unpaid order: You can change the address via the order list or the order details page. Note that you can modify the contact name, phone number, and detailed address. Changes to the country, state, city, and postal code are currently not possible.
  • Order to be shipped:
    1. Contact the seller to request shipment to the correct address before the order is shipped.
    2. Cancel the order and place a new one with the correct address information.
  • Shipped order: The package is in transit and it is no longer possible to change the address. Contact the seller to discuss possible solutions.

Note: AliExpress is rolling out a feature that allows you to change the address directly on the platform for all orders, which will be available to all users in March. If this feature is already available on your order, you will be able to modify the address directly.

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