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AliExpress Customs Fees
AliExpress Customs Fees

AliExpress Customs Fees : The Explanatory Guide

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Dear readers, we know how important it is to shop smartly. One often overlooked aspect is customs fees.

Today, we will specifically focus on customs fees at AliExpress, the Chinese online commerce giant.

Understanding Customs Fees

Before diving into the specifics of AliExpress, it’s essential to understand what customs fees are.

These are taxes imposed on goods imported from one country to another. They generally vary depending on the type of product and its value.

How Does AliExpress Handle Customs Fees?

AliExpress is an international platform. The sellers ship products from all over the world, mainly from China.

It’s up to the buyer to pay the customs fees.

Important Note: AliExpress does not cover these fees. As a buyer, it’s a charge that could be added to your bill.

Factors Influencing Customs Fees

There are several elements to consider:

  1. The destination country: Each country has its own customs policy. Some may have trade agreements with China, which could reduce fees.
  2. The type of product: Some products attract higher customs fees than others.
  3. The value of the product: The more expensive the product, the higher the customs fees may be.

How to Calculate Customs Fees on AliExpress?

There is no universal calculator to estimate customs fees. Each country has its own rules.

You can search for a “customs fee calculator” for your country on Google to get an estimate.

How to Avoid Surprises

Transparency is key to avoiding surprises. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Inform yourself about your country’s customs policies before buying.
  2. Use a customs fee calculator to estimate costs.
  3. Choose sellers who offer shipping options that minimize customs fees.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Customs Fees?

Failing to pay customs fees can have serious consequences.

Your package could be held or even seized by customs authorities.

Are Customs Fees Included in the AliExpress Price?

No, customs fees are not included in the price displayed on AliExpress.

They are generally charged when the item is delivered.

Customs Fees on AliExpress in USA: A Special Case

The importance of understanding customs fees takes on new dimensions in USA.

With its specific customs policy, USA has certain rules to know to avoid surprises.

American Customs Policy and AliExpress

USA, like each country, has its own rules regarding imports.

If you buy on AliExpress as a American consumer, it is crucial to know these details.

Firstly, if the value of your imported items does not exceed 22 $, you will generally not have to pay customs fees.

This is great news for those who like to find good deals at low prices on AliExpress.

How Customs Fees Are Calculated in USA

For products whose value exceeds 22 $, the situation is a bit different.

Customs fees in USA are calculated based on the type of product and its value, as in most countries.

In addition to customs duties, you might also have to pay VAT. The standard VAT rate in USA is 20%.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Customs Fees in USA?

As previously mentioned, not paying customs fees can lead to undesirable consequences.

In USA, this can mean that your package is held at customs. You might also have to pay additional fees to retrieve your package.

Tips for Buying on AliExpress in USA

Here are some tips to facilitate your purchases on AliExpress in USA:

  1. Make small orders: If possible, try to keep the value of your order below 22 $ to avoid customs fees.
  2. Learn about American customs rules: Knowing the rules will help you avoid surprises.
  3. Plan ahead: Take potential customs fees into account when planning your budget.
Information Details
Fee exemption limit No customs fees for items worth less than 22 $
Fee calculation Based on the value and type of product
VAT 20% on the total value of the item
Non-payment The package may be held at customs
Tips Make small orders, learn about the rules


Customs fees are a reality of international commerce. While AliExpress makes it easy to purchase products worldwide, it is the buyer’s responsibility to understand and pay the applicable customs fees.

By being informed, you can make purchases

Buying on AliExpress can be an exciting experience. But don’t forget about customs fees. In USA, knowledge of customs rules can help you avoid unexpected fees.

Smart shopping means understanding all potential charges, including customs fees. So, do your homework and enjoy your purchases on AliExpress!

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