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AliExpress Relay Point
AliExpress Relay Point

AliExpress Relay Point : Your Flexible and Convenient Delivery Solution

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Ah, AliExpress! This vast online shopping platform offers us a multitude of products, sometimes at ridiculously low prices.

But when it comes to delivery, we’ve all felt that little twinge of worry: “Where is my package?” or “Why hasn’t it arrived yet?”.

Well, good news! For those looking for a simple and convenient delivery solution, the AliExpress Relay Point is here to save the day.

Gone are the days when you had to wait impatiently for the postman at home or at the office. Now, pick up your purchases at your own pace and close to home.

That’s the magic of the Relay Point, and we are here to guide you step-by-step through this adventure. So, ready to make your deliveries easier? Let’s find out how it works together!

What is Relay Point Parcel Delivery?

Relay Point Parcel Delivery is an innovative method suited to our modern lifestyles. Instead of waiting at home or in the office and crossing your fingers that your package will arrive, you can now pick it up at a specific collection point, often located in a nearby store. Simple, isn’t it?

The advantages of this system are numerous.

Serenity in delivery

Probably the watchword here. No need to wonder if you’ll be there when the postman rings your doorbell.

With the Relay Point Parcel, your package patiently waits for you, ready to be picked up when you decide.

Forget the complications

We’ve all had less than ideal delivery experiences: missed packages, delays, or even lost ones.

The Relay Point Parcel changes the game. You know exactly where your package is, and most of the time, you receive notifications when it’s ready to be picked up. Convenience is really at your fingertips.

In the end, AliExpress recognizes the importance of making the delivery process as smooth as the act of buying itself.

The Relay Point Parcel is a step in this direction, combining efficiency, simplicity, and peace of mind for all shoppers.

How to Activate the Relay Point Parcel Option on AliExpress?

First of all, congratulations on this clever decision! Activating the Relay Point Parcel option on AliExpress is a breeze. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose the delivery method: When finalizing your order, it is crucial to select AliExpress Standard Shipping. This option opens the door to Relay Point Parcel delivery. It’s not only secure, but also one of the most reliable methods offered by AliExpress.
  2. Confirmation step: Once AliExpress Standard Shipping is chosen, look for and select the Relay Point Parcel®️ option from the list of delivery methods. This might appear as a dropdown list or icons, depending on the site or app update.
  3. Verification of details: This step is crucial. Make sure your contact information (first name, last name, phone number, and email) is accurate and up to date. This information will be used to inform you of the arrival of your package. A little effort here can save you a lot of hassle later.

Notification of Your Package’s Arrival: Be in the Know!

When your package arrives at the relay point, a notification is immediately sent to you. You’ll receive an email and a text message, informing you of the package’s availability.

These messages rely on the contact details provided during the order. Hence the importance of their accuracy.

To pick up your package, go to the selected relay point. There, the merchant will verify your identity. This step ensures that the package is handed over to the right person. Don’t forget to present a valid ID.

In fact, the process is both secure and efficient. Real-time notifications allow you to plan the pickup of your package according to your schedule.

Identity verification, meanwhile, adds an extra layer of security. With AliExpress, picking up your purchases is now easier than ever.

Securely Collect Your Order

You have received that long-awaited notification: your package has arrived! But how can you ensure that the pickup of your order goes smoothly?

Don’t panic, AliExpress has everything planned for a safe and smooth experience.

  1. Standard Procedure: When you go to the Relay Point, make sure you have a valid ID with you. It will be checked by the merchant to confirm your identity. But that’s not all! After this verification, you will be asked to provide an electronic signature. This simple but essential step attests that you have indeed picked up your package. Two steps, peace of mind guaranteed.
  2. Special Case – The Withdrawal Superhero: Can’t make it yourself? No worries, a third party can act as a superhero for you. However, this is not a mission to be taken lightly! This person must present a signed authorization from you, as well as your original ID (and theirs, of course). This procedure ensures that your order does not fall into the wrong hands.

Verification and Handover Procedure

Handing over your package at the relay point is a secure process. Upon your arrival, an identity verification is required.

Present your ID to confirm that the package is indeed for you. Then, an electronic signature is necessary. This formalizes the receipt of the package and confirms that you have successfully picked it up.

If someone else is picking up the package for you, a power of attorney is indispensable. This person must present both your ID and theirs. This step ensures a secure handover, even in your absence.

Before leaving the relay point, briefly inspect the condition of the package. If there are visible damages, report them immediately to the merchant. This is crucial for any potential claims.

Guidelines for Damages or Non-Pickup

If you notice damages on your package’s packaging, act immediately. Report these anomalies to the merchant at the relay point.

Document them accurately. This is crucial for any future claims with AliExpress.

In case of non-pickup, your package remains available at the relay point for 14 calendar days. After this period, the package is sent back. To avoid any inconvenience, make sure to pick up your package within this timeframe.

Tips Before Accepting the Package

Ah, that moment when you finally hold your package in your hands! But before you leave with it, some checks are necessary.

Yes, a quick check can prevent many troubles later. Follow this guide:

  1. Package Inspection: First, take a close look at the outside of the package. Is the packaging intact? No bumps, tears, or wet areas? If the packaging seems to have had a tumultuous adventure, it could indicate a problem inside.
  2. Essential Recommendation: If you notice any damage to the packaging, it is crucial to report it immediately to the Relay Point merchant. By doing so, you create a digital record of the issue, which can be useful if you need to contact AliExpress or the seller for a claim later.

Always remember that your package is the result of your choices, your money, and your patience.

Thus, taking a few minutes to ensure its good condition is not only smart but also respectful of yourself.

Keeping the Package at the AliExpress Relay Point

There you have it, your order has reached its drop-off point, ready to be picked up.

But how long do you have before it takes another path? Let’s delve into this tricky question:

  1. Storage Duration: Once your package reaches the Relay Point, the countdown begins. You have exactly 14 calendar days to pick up your precious package. Isn’t that generous? Two full weeks to organize your retrieval, even with a busy schedule.
  2. Consequences of Non-Retrieval: But what happens if these 14 days pass without you picking up your package? Then, things get complicated. Your package could be sent back to the seller or handled according to the specific conditions of the Relay Point. In other words, it’s a bit like missing the last train: the opportunity is lost, and there might be fees or complications to get it back.

The golden rule here? Don’t delay! The 14 days can fly by in the blink of an eye. So, mark it in your calendar, set an alarm, or draw it on your hand if necessary.

General Eligibility Conditions

Using the Relay Point service at AliExpress is not just a formality.

Like any quality service, there are conditions to be met to ensure a smooth experience. So, what are they?

  1. Eligible Items: First and foremost, an essential point to note: not all items are eligible for this service. Before finalizing your cart, make sure your items are compatible with the Relay Point Service®️. If it’s not indicated, a little verification never hurts!
  2. Non-Negotiable Requirement: To benefit from this delivery option, it is imperative to choose AliExpress Standard Shipping. It’s a bit like choosing the right ticket for a concert; if it’s not the right one, you might miss the show!
  3. Availability on Different Platforms: Whether you are old school with your PC or always on the move with your smartphone, AliExpress has you covered! The Relay Point Service®️ is accessible both on the PC version and the App. No excuses for missing this option!


In summary, the AliExpress relay point revolutionizes parcel reception. This service combines convenience, security, and flexibility.

It simplifies the retrieval of your online purchases and adapts to your schedule. With real-time notifications and a secure withdrawal procedure, the relay point is a reliable solution.

We encourage you to try this method for an optimal delivery experience. Opting for the relay point means choosing peace of mind and practicality for your purchases on AliExpress.

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