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How to Track Your Package on AliExpress
Track Your Package on AliExpress

How to Track Your Package on AliExpress : Tips and Solutions

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You are here because you want to track your Aliexpress package ? Tracking Aliexpress packages is crucial, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Given the variety of shipping options and the geographical spread of deliveries, tracking becomes an essential pillar for a successful shopping experience.

This article will explain the mechanisms of AliExpress package tracking, offering practical solutions to navigate effectively through the world of order tracking.

Whether it’s to anticipate delivery times, understand the available options, or resolve tracking issues, we provide a complete guide to optimize your AliExpress experience.

What is AliExpress Package Tracking?

AliExpress makes package tracking simple and transparent. As soon as an order is placed, the tracking process begins. This crucial step ensures that customers can keep an eye on their package from departure to arrival.

For effective tracking, two elements are essential: the order number and the tracking number.

The order first receives an order number. This unique number identifies your purchase on AliExpress. However, it is not the one that will help you track the package. Here comes the tracking number: a key to locate your order in transit.

Concretely, the seller sends the package via a carrier. This carrier then assigns a tracking number. This code, often alphanumeric, becomes your tool to track the package’s journey.

On the AliExpress website or via third-party apps, you enter this number and discover where your order is.

Note that without the tracking number, it is impossible to track your package. So, make sure to get it from the seller as soon as it is shipped.

What are the methods for tracking an AliExpress package?

Package tracking on AliExpress adapts to your needs. Several methods allow you to stay informed.

On the Aliexpress site

The AliExpress site itself offers direct tracking. After logging in, go to “My Orders”. There, you will find your purchases listed with a “Track Order” button.

Simple and quick, this method centralizes tracking.

On a third-party site

Third-party tracking platforms add a layer of convenience. Sites like 17Track or ParcelsApp allow you to track multiple packages from different sellers in one place.

Advantages? Real-time updates and notifications. To use them, copy your AliExpress tracking number and paste it onto the chosen platform.

On the Aliexpress app

The mobile AliExpress app shines with its convenience. Push notifications, real-time tracking, and easy access to your orders, all from your phone.

The app enriches the tracking experience with exclusive features.

On our site

Here is a tracking form for your Aliexpress package shared from the Postal Ninja site

What are the shipping options on AliExpress?

AliExpress offers various shipping options. Each shipping mode is tailored to specific needs, offering a balance between cost and speed.

  • Standard Shipping is the economical option. Generally free, it includes tracking and takes 15 to 45 days for delivery. Ideal for non-urgent purchases.
  • Premium Shipping speeds things up. With an additional cost, it reduces the time to 7-15 days. Perfect for priority orders.
  • ePacket, an intermediate option, combines efficiency and moderate cost. Delivery times vary between 7 and 30 days, depending on the destination.
  • The 10-day delivery offers a significantly reduced delivery time and you receive your package more quickly.

How to track your Aliexpress order?

Tracking on Aliexpress

Tracking an order on AliExpress is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your AliExpress account.
  2. Go to the “My Orders” section.
  3. Find the relevant order and click on “Order Details”.
  4. Locate and copy the tracking number displayed.
  5. For direct tracking on AliExpress, click on “Track Order”. The tracking details will be displayed.
Track order Aliexpress
Suivre ma commande sur Aliexpress

Tracking on other sites

For tracking via third-party sites:

  1. Access a tracking site like 17Track or ParcelsApp.
  2. Paste the tracking number into the provided field.
  3. Check the updated tracking details.
Aliexpress delivery tracking on 17TRACK
Aliexpress delivery tracking on 17TRACK

Common tracking issues and their solutions

Encountering tracking problems on AliExpress? Here’s how to solve them.

Tracking not updated?

  • Wait 48 hours. Delays in updates are common.
  • If still unresolved, contact the seller for verification.

No tracking number?

  • Request it from the seller. Sometimes, there’s just a delay in communication.
  • If the seller does not respond, use the buyer protection to claim.

Dispute or delivery problem?

  • First, communicate with the seller. Clearly explain the problem.
  • No solution? Open a dispute on AliExpress. Provide evidence, such as screenshots of the tracking.
  • AliExpress will review the case. Follow their directions for resolution.
Ouvrir un litige
Open a dispute

How to avoid customs fees?

Customs fees can be a surprise during international purchases on AliExpress. Here’s how to handle them.

Understanding the fees:

  • They depend on local legislation and the type of product.
  • AliExpress does not include these fees in the initial payment.

Avoiding or minimizing fees:

  • Opt for standard shipments. Express carriers scrutinize packages more.
  • Keep your orders below the tax thresholds of your country. Buy in small quantities if necessary.
  • Choose sellers offering the option to ship from a local warehouse. This can circumvent customs.

Our tips for an optimal shopping and tracking experience

For a hassle-free experience on AliExpress, follow these tips.

Choosing the right shipping mode

  • Compare options. Standard Shipping offers a good balance between cost and timing.
  • Premium Shipping speeds up delivery for urgent orders.

Check the seller

  • Read reviews and ratings. They reveal the reliability of the seller.
  • Examine the store rating. The higher it is, the better.

Communicate with the seller

  • Ask questions before buying. Clarify your doubts about the product or tracking.
  • Report any tracking issues quickly.

Our review of the shipping service on AliExpress

After years of shopping on AliExpress, we have our preference in terms of shipping: ePacket.

Why? Its speed is impressive, especially compared to free options. But that’s not all. ePacket offers reliable tracking, essential for keeping an eye on your orders.

We discourage premium services like EPS. Sure, they promise speed and efficiency. However, the risk of additional customs fees is real.

These fees can quickly inflate the total cost of your order, negating the advantages of speed.

In ordering on AliExpress, we have never encountered a problem with ePacket. It strikes the right balance between speed, cost, and peace of mind.

To avoid unpleasant surprises at customs, follow our advice. With ePacket, your purchases arrive quickly and without unexpected fees.


In summary, AliExpress package tracking emerges as an indispensable tool for a successful online shopping experience.

We have explored various methods and tips to optimize this tracking, highlighting the importance of wisely choosing your shipping service and communicating effectively with sellers.

We encourage you to implement these strategies to navigate AliExpress smoothly.

With the right tools and an informed approach, you can fully enjoy your online shopping, minimizing risks and surprises. Happy shopping on AliExpress!

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