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AliExpress Dispute: Package Not Received, What Should I Do?

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Although most AliExpress orders arrive at their destination without issue, some situations can cause concern.

Sometimes a package is not received. Other times, it’s simply delayed. There are also instances when its tracking number shows no movement.

These situations can be a source of concern for customers. In this article, we will explore the steps to follow in case of a dispute with your AliExpress order.

We’ll cover how to check the tracking number, communicate effectively with the seller, and use the protections offered by AliExpress for buyers.

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to quickly and efficiently resolve any delivery issues.

Why haven’t I received my Aliexpress package?

If you’re experiencing this type of issue, it’s important to know the most common reasons why a package may be delayed and what you can do about it.

  1. Delivery delays can be caused by logistical problems such as transportation system overload or weather disruptions.
  2. Delivery errors can also occur, such as sending the package to an incorrect address.
  3. Finally, customs issues can also cause delivery delays.

To resolve these issues, I recommend you contact AliExpress customer service for more information about the status of your package.

You can also use the tracking number to track the location of your package in real-time.

By using these tips and taking the necessary steps to resolve delivery issues, you can be assured that your package will arrive at its destination on time.

What should I do?

Haven’t received your AliExpress package? Don’t panic. Here’s what you need to do to resolve this issue quickly and efficiently.

First, contact the seller. Clearly explain your problem. Most sellers on AliExpress are responsive and want to resolve issues quickly.

Use AliExpress messaging to keep a record of this communication.

No response or solution from the seller? Move on to the next step. Open a dispute on AliExpress. This feature allows you to request a refund or a replacement.

Be precise and provide evidence if possible.

Keep all proof of communication. Capture exchanges with the seller and the details of the dispute. This information will be crucial if the issue escalates.

If the dispute does not resolve in your favor, contact the Consumer Protection Association. They can offer additional support.

Track your order with the tracking number.

The seller provides the tracking number to track your package. Log in to your AliExpress account to find this number and check the order status.

Use sites such as for detailed tracking.

Aliexpress delivery tracking 17TRACK
Aliexpress delivery tracking on 17TRACK

See where your package is at any time thanks to tracking that records all movements. If the package has not yet arrived, check where it has stopped.

If the order is marked as delivered but you have received nothing, use to find out in which city it was delivered.

Stay informed about the location of your package using the tracking number. Be ready to act if you encounter delivery problems.

Communicate with the AliExpress seller.

If your AliExpress package has not arrived, contact the seller to find a solution. They can check with the carrier what happened with the order.

In case of a dispute, we will first negotiate with the seller. If the seller understands the problem, they will accept your dispute, and you will get your money back faster.

Keep in mind that the seller is the first person you should contact to resolve delivery issues.

Contact the seller
Contactez le vendeur

File a dispute to get your money back.

If the seller does not respond or offer a solution, open a dispute on AliExpress before the protection deadline expires. To do this, click on “Open a dispute” in the relevant order.

If the order is marked as delivered but you have received nothing, attach a screenshot proving that you did not receive the package.

Use and enter the tracking number to find out where the package was delivered.

How to open a dispute on AliExpress?

If you are not satisfied with your order or if you have not received it, you can open a dispute on AliExpress before the end of the buyer protection period. Here are the steps to follow:

aliexpress order problem aliexpress dispute refund order aliexpress unreceived aliexpress package

  1. Access your order. Go to the “Orders” section and click on the product in question.
  2. Contact the seller. On Android, click on ≡, then “My Account”. On iPhone, find “My Account” at the bottom.
  3. Choose “Open Dispute” to start the refund process.
  4. Explain your situation. Fill out the form detailing the reasons for your dispute.
  5. Discuss with the seller. You will discuss together the conditions of the refund.

If no agreement is reached, AliExpress intervenes. You will still have the opportunity to negotiate.

If you accept the proposal from AliExpress or that of the seller, this will close the dispute and you will receive your refund.


In summary, facing delivery problems like an unreceived package with AliExpress does not mean being left in uncertainty.

We have covered the essential steps to effectively manage any situation, whether it involves a lost, delayed, or inactive tracking package.

From proactive communication with the seller to judiciously opening a dispute, each step is designed to protect your interests as a buyer.

The keys to a satisfactory resolution? Act quickly, provide evidence, and smartly use the tools at your disposal.

By keeping a close eye on tracking and maintaining constructive dialogue, you maximize your chances of resolving any inconvenience with serenity.

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