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Comment Contacter AliExpress
Comment Contacter le service client AliExpress ?

How to Contact AliExpress : We’ll Explain Everything

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The e-commerce giant, AliExpress, is one of the most popular online platforms in the world.

However, buyers can sometimes encounter issues, necessitating contact with customer service.

Wondering how to do it? Follow this guide!

Using the AliExpress Website

Online Chat

The quickest and most convenient way to contact AliExpress customer service is via the online chat available on their site.

Available 24/7, this service provides responsive and instant assistance. To access it, go to the “Help” section and click on “Customer Service”.

AliExpress Online Chat
Online Chat

Contact AliExpress via FAQ

Another valuable resource is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This section is full of answers to common questions about orders, refunds, payment issues, and more.

You can sort topics by theme or popularity to facilitate your search.

AliExpress FAQ
AliExpress FAQ

Contact the Seller

Sometimes, the quickest way is to directly contact the seller. On the store page, click on “Contact”.

The seller is obligated to respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Contact the Seller
Contact the Seller

Contact AliExpress by Email

In the absence of a dedicated phone line, email is another option for contacting AliExpress.

AliExpress provides a specific email address:

However, be cautious with non-official email addresses like or, which circulate on the internet.

On Social Media


AliExpress is active on social media. On Facebook, visit the official AliExpress page and click on “Send a message”.

This method of communication is ideal for simple inquiries. For more complex questions, you will likely be redirected to another means of communication.

Contact AliExpress Customer Service on Social Media
Contact AliExpress on Facebook


If you prefer Twitter, go to the AliExpress page and click on the envelope under the cover photo. You can then write your message.

Contact AliExpress by Mail

In case of a dispute or claim, you can write to AliExpress’s postal address in France: Alibaba France, 6 rue Menars, 75002 Paris. However, this option is slower than others.

Common Inquiries

Customers typically contact AliExpress for:

  • Account management: login issues, payment problems, forgotten passwords…
  • Information on a product: features, availability…
  • Discount coupons: obtaining and using an AliExpress promo code.
  • Issues related to an order: defective product, delivery delays, requests for returns, cancellations, refunds…
Common Requests
Common Requests

Understanding AliExpress’s Customer Service Policy

Buyer Protection Policy

Before contacting AliExpress, it is important to understand their buyer protection policy.

This guarantee protects buyers from the moment they make a payment until 15 days after receiving the product.

It covers many issues, including delivery delays and items not matching the description.

The Role of Sellers

Each seller on AliExpress has the responsibility to provide adequate customer service for their products.

Before directly contacting AliExpress, consider contacting the product’s seller. They may be able to resolve your issue more quickly and efficiently.

How to Optimize Your Communication with AliExpress

Write Clear and Precise Messages

When contacting AliExpress, whether via chat, email, or on social media, make sure to be as clear and precise as possible.

Provide all relevant details about your issue and include information about the product and the order.

Track the Progress of Your Request

Don’t forget to follow the progress of your request. AliExpress may sometimes need more information or clarification to resolve your issue.

By regularly checking the status of your request, you can ensure that your problem is resolved as quickly as possible.

Possible Recourses in Case of Unresolved Issues

Open a Dispute

If your issue is not resolved after contacting the seller and AliExpress customer service, you may consider opening a dispute.

This is an official way to report a problem with an order and initiate a dispute resolution.

Appeal to Your Bank Protection

If the dispute is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can turn to your bank.

Many banks offer protection for online purchases and may be able to help you obtain a refund.

In Conclusion

Whether you have a problem with an order or need additional information about a product, AliExpress offers various ways to contact its customer service.

Remember, if in doubt or facing a problem, do not hesitate to use one of the methods mentioned above. Happy shopping on AliExpress!

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