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AliExpress Choice
AliExpress Choice

AliExpress Choice : The E-Commerce Revolution

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Have you come across products labeled ✔️Choice? Wondering what this offer entails?

Aliexpress Choice means assurance of benefiting from exclusive advantages and a solid guarantee. AliExpress carefully selects and ships these products.

Here’s why you should choose the Choice offer:

  • Managed by AliExpress for assured quality.
  • Free shipping on purchases over 10,00€.
  • Express delivery to receive your orders in less than 10 days.
  • Guaranteed delivery with a 1,00€ coupon for any delayed shipment.
  • Free returns, possible up to three times a month, with reason.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on your first three Choice purchases.


What is the AliExpress Choice Offer?

AliExpress Choice is an offer 100% managed directly by AliExpress.

It’s your passkey to hassle-free shopping, with a 100% AliExpress guarantee.

Choice Products
Choice Products

An Enhanced Shopping Experience

With Choice, benefit from smooth logistics and free deliveries within ten days for purchases over 10 euros.

Return for free, up to three times a month.

Increased Refund for New Customers

For new users, it’s the icing on the cake: a 100% refund on the first coupon, capped at 5 euros.

Add to that 4 euros off on purchases of 5 euros or more with the code OUESTNEW04.

How to Recognize a Choice Product?

It’s easy. Just look for the Choice icon or associated mention. With Choice, here’s what you get:

  • Free delivery on purchases over 10,00€.
  • Speed: your items arrive in 5 to 10 days.
  • Guaranteed delivery: receive a 1,00€ coupon if the deadline is exceeded.
  • Free returns for 90 days, no justification needed.
Aliexpress Choice Offer
Aliexpress Choice Product

Exclusive Offers for New Registrants

New customers of AliExpress Choice have access to exclusive offers. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. A promo code of 4 euros for purchases of 5 euros or more with the code FRNEW04.
  2. 10% off the first two orders when purchasing Choice products for the first time.
  3. Access to a special catalog, with the option to buy 3 products for 0,99 euro and enjoy free shipping.

During this anniversary period, AliExpress is offering many enticing promotional codes:

  • AEFR13: 13€ off from 100€ of purchase
  • AEFR30: 30€ off from 200€ of purchase
  • AEFR55: 55€ off from 300€ of purchase
  • AEFR80: 80€ off from 400€ of purchase

Precautions to Consider on AliExpress

While enjoying the benefits of AliExpress Choice, keep in mind that products may change sellers depending on stock availability.

We advise you to check the ratings and reviews of the seller. Also ensure that the product benefits from AliExpress buyer protection. The prices mentioned are inclusive of taxes and are subject to change.

AliExpress Choice is here to enrich your online shopping experience. So, don’t hesitate to dive in and enjoy the incredible offers.

How to Use AliExpress Choice?

Using AliExpress Choice is simple and intuitive.

To start, go to the AliExpress website and look for the “Choice” mention on products. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Add your favorite “Choice” items to your cart.
  2. Enter the corresponding promo codes when checking out.
  3. Enjoy immediate discounts and free shipping on your favorite items.

Don’t forget to use the specific promo codes mentioned above to maximize your savings!

Why Choose the Choice Offer?

You might be wondering why choose AliExpress Choice over other available options. Here are some key reasons:

  1. Reliability: The site is managed directly by AliExpress staff, ensuring a safe shopping experience.
  2. Savings: With offers like free shipping, free returns, and exceptional discounts, you are sure to make great deals.
  3. Product Variety: AliExpress Choice offers a wide range of high-quality products, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  4. Exclusive Offers: New customers have access to exclusive offers, including immediate discounts and reductions on the first two orders.

The Final Word

In summary, AliExpress Choice stands out as the ideal solution for secure and advantageous online purchases.

The Choice icon, your guide, ensures free and fast delivery, starting at 10,00€. If delayed, receive a compensation coupon.

Returning your packages? Easy and free within 90 days. With Choice, AliExpress promises an improved customer experience, focused on satisfaction and trust.

Shop confidently and smartly, always with Choice.

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