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What is the free return service? / The free return service allows customers to return certain items marked with a “Free Returns” label on their detail page. You can return them at no cost within 90 days of ordering or within 15 or 7 days after their receipt, depending on the origin of the products. The first return for each order is free.

To return an item and get a refund, follow these five steps:

  1. Go to your order: Account > View all.
  2. Click on Returns/refunds.
  3. Select a reason for your return.
  4. Upload photos or videos and describe the problem, if necessary.
  5. Confirm and submit your request.

AliExpress will process your refund upon receipt and verification of the returned items. If a return label is not provided and you need to advance shipping costs, contact AliExpress customer service after receiving your refund to also get a refund for the shipping costs.

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