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two prices on the same product
Two prices on the same product

Understanding the Two Different Prices on the Same Product on AliExpress

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Have you ever wondered why there are two prices for the same product on Aliexpress?

This question often puzzles online shoppers. Our article examines this particularity of AliExpress, where prices curiously fluctuate.

We explore the reasons behind this price variability. Whether it’s due to additional options, marketing strategies for new users, or sometimes misleading promotions.


1 – The Diversity of Options and Accessories

AliExpress often surprises with two prices for the same product. Why? The options and accessories.

Initially, a base price attracts. It’s the minimal cost, no frills. But, the magic happens when you add extras. These additional options drive up the price.

It’s a simple mechanism. The more you add, the more you pay. This can range from a specific color to a high-tech accessory.

Take a concrete example. You see a smartphone at an attractive price. This rate corresponds to the base version: minimal capacity, no accessories.

Want more memory or a protective case? The price goes up. This system allows AliExpress to cover all needs, while playing on price flexibility.

In fact, the base price and the all-inclusive price show AliExpress’s flexibility. Shoppers enjoy a wide choice, from the bare essentials to the highly customized.

This strategy caters to various budgets and preferences, while making shopping more interactive.

Options and accessories
Different options

2 – Pricing Strategy for New Customers

AliExpress uses a seductive trick to attract newcomers: introductory prices. Not logged in? Incredible offers appear, often at very low prices.

This strategy aims to capture interest and encourage registration.

Here’s the typical sequence: a visitor spots a product at €0.49. This ultra-attractive rate is actually a welcome offer. But, surprise, once the account is created and logged in, the price shifts.

The real tariff is revealed, far from the first impression.

This pricing game is not a trap, but a marketing tactic. It highlights the contrast between the initial bait and the real cost after commitment.

AliExpress counts on this first interaction. The goal? Turn curiosity into a purchasing action.

To simplify, this introductory price method serves two purposes. It first intrigues, then educates consumers about the real prices.

It’s a gateway to a broader shopping experience on AliExpress, shaping expectations from the first click.

The welcome offer
The welcome offer for new customers

3 – Promotional Crossed-Out Prices

AliExpress often plays with crossed-out prices to entice. These offers seem to promise massive discounts. But beware, it’s not as straightforward.

These marketing practices aim to create a sense of urgency and a good deal for the consumer.

Here’s the principle: a product displays a high initial price, crossed out in favor of a reduced rate. The visual impact is strong. It suggests an opportunity not to be missed.

However, a question arises. Was the initial price real? Sometimes, these amounts are inflated to amplify the effect of the discount.

Keep in mind that AliExpress is not bound by French laws on price display. This freedom allows them to adopt aggressive strategies.

Shoppers must therefore remain vigilant. True promotions exist, but they must be distinguished from simple marketing hooks.

Beware, the crossed-out prices on AliExpress require a critical eye. Don’t be fooled by the first impression. Compare, research, and validate the true value of an offer.

This caution will transform your shopping experience into a quest for real bargains, without falling into marketing traps.

Promotion product Aliexpress
Promotional offer

Our Tips for Finding the Lowest Price on Aliexpress

Hunting for bargains on AliExpress requires cunning and attention. Here are key strategies to uncover the best prices.

First, refine your searches with relevant keywords. Exact terms lead to precise finds.

Do not underestimate the image search. It reveals similar products, often at varied prices.

However, beware of overly tempting prices. A low rate may hide high shipping costs. The trick? Use the free shipping filter. This option eliminates unpleasant surprises at checkout.

The next step is crucial: read the reviews. They offer a real glimpse of quality and service. As previously mentioned in the article how to find a good product on Aliexpress, a product should ideally have a minimum rating of 4.8 and 1000 orders. These figures indicate satisfaction and reliability.


Navigating AliExpress becomes a clearer and more strategic adventure with our tips.

Understanding the two prices on the same Aliexpress product transforms how we approach this e-commerce giant.

With an enlightened approach, shoppers can now outsmart marketing strategies, opt for smart purchases, and make the most of the available offers.

By focusing on important details such as free shipping options and valuing verified reviews, the savvy consumer can navigate with confidence.

AliExpress, with its pricing mysteries and varied offers, thus becomes a playground for those who know how to search.

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