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AliExpress Warranty
AliExpress Warranty

AliExpress Warranty : Protect Your Online Purchases

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AliExpress, a globally renowned e-commerce platform, serves as a bridge between consumers and a multitude of international sellers.

This marketplace stands out for its ability to offer a wide range of products at competitive prices.

However, online shopping comes with risks, especially regarding the quality and compliance of products. This is where warranties come into play, reassuring buyers about the value of their investment.

In this regard, AliExpress has partnered with Allianz, a giant in insurance, to offer a robust AliExpress warranty.

This partnership provides protection against mechanical and electrical breakdowns, marking a commitment to customer satisfaction and safety.

At the same time, some sellers on AliExpress offer their own warranties directly on their product pages, thus allowing consumers to enjoy an additional level of security and confidence when making purchases.


The AliExpress Allianz Warranty

The AliExpress warranty, in partnership with Allianz, provides comprehensive coverage to reassure buyers. This warranty, valid for one year, protects against unexpected mechanical and electrical failures.

It applies during normal use, thus covering incidents not related to normal wear or mishandling.

The main products covered include mobile phones and tablets. These categories reflect a significant part of the technology purchases on the platform.

Thanks to this specificity, users enjoy increased peace of mind when acquiring new devices.

This warranty extends to several major European markets, including Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Poland, and Germany.

The inclusion of these geographic areas ensures that a large number of European consumers can enjoy this essential protection when shopping on AliExpress.

The AliExpress Warranty, in partnership with Allianz
The AliExpress Warranty in partnership with Allianz

What is the coverage of the AliExpress warranty?

The AliExpress warranty specifically covers electrical and mechanical breakdowns. These incidents must occur during the normal use of the devices, thus protecting against internal defects that are not the fault of the user.

This insurance is important for consumers who invest in new electronic gadgets.

However, it is important to note the limitations and exclusions. The warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents, normal wear, misuse, or non-compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additionally, issues related to software or data are not included.

In comparison, the standard manufacturer’s warranty often provides similar protection against manufacturing defects, but may vary in terms of duration and conditions.

Compared to consumer rights in Europe, which include a two-year legal warranty for many products, the AliExpress warranty adds an extra layer of security, covering aspects that the legal warranty may not cover.

How to activate the warranty?

Activating the AliExpress warranty starts with a 15-day cooling-off period. This period allows consumers to reconsider their purchase before the warranty becomes effective.

Once this period has passed, the warranty contract automatically activates, thus securing your new purchase.

Consumers receive their warranty contract by email, just after activation. This key document includes the General Conditions of the warranty, which detail everything that the coverage implies and excludes.

The activation email, often titled “Confirmation of AliExpress Warranty”, is sent by AWP Business Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd, for Allianz Global Assistance.

This transparent process ensures that each buyer fully understands the terms of the warranty and its benefits.

This step also informs users on how and when they can make a warranty claim, if needed.

How to make a warranty claim?

To submit a claim under the AliExpress warranty, follow these simple but essential steps:

  1. Check the coverage: Before filing a claim, make sure your issue is covered by consulting the General Conditions of the warranty.
  2. Gather the necessary documentation: Prepare proof of purchase, a description of the problem, and any preliminary diagnosis.
  3. Contact customer service: Use the email address provided in your warranty contract to submit your claim.
  4. Send the device: If repair is necessary, send the defective device to the address indicated in the shipping instructions.

Regarding response times, AliExpress and Allianz are committed to responding to requests within 24 business hours. The process of repair or replacement will depend on the nature of the defect.

If the device is irreparable, a new equivalent replacement will be provided.

Assistance and customer service

For any questions related to the AliExpress warranty, contact is simplified and direct. Customers can reach customer service by email at specific addresses for each country: for France, for Italy, and so on.

These channels ensure that queries are handled by local teams, familiar with regional specifics.

The opening hours are generous, from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday through Friday, according to the time zone of Romania.

The customer service is committed to responding to requests within 24 business hours, ensuring rapid and effective assistance.

In addition to standard assistance, Allianz offers additional services under this warranty, such as accelerated repair or replacement of devices, and reimbursement of shipping costs for devices eligible for the warranty.

These benefits enhance the value of the AliExpress warranty and reflect Allianz’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to its customers.

The competitive advantages

Allianz plays a significant role in the AliExpress warranty, bringing its expertise in risk management and insurance.

This partnership allows AliExpress to offer a solid and reliable warranty, essential for securing consumer trust in a competitive online market.

The collaboration between Allianz and various manufacturers and telecommunication operators significantly enriches the offer.

These partnerships ensure that the covered products are of high quality and that technical support is top-notch. They also facilitate faster and more efficient repair or replacement processes.

These synergies notably improve the quality of the warranty service. Consumers benefit from a more agile response and more competent support, which elevates customer satisfaction and strengthens AliExpress’s position as an e-commerce leader.

Our tips for AliExpress customers

To maximize the benefits of the AliExpress warranty, follow these practical tips:

  1. Read the General Conditions carefully: Understanding what the warranty covers is essential. Take the time to read the details to avoid any surprises when needed.
  2. Register your purchases: Keep all proof of purchase, including invoices and email confirmations. These documents will be indispensable for any future claims.
  3. Test your devices as soon as you receive them: Ensure that everything works properly as soon as you receive your product. Report any defects immediately to benefit from the warranty without delay.

Understanding the interaction between legal rights and the warranty is also important. In Europe, consumers benefit from a two-year legal warranty on most products, which protects against defects not apparent at the time of purchase.

The AliExpress warranty adds to these rights, offering an extra layer of protection that can be more specific and immediate, especially for repairs or replacements under warranty.

The warranties of AliExpress sellers

When shopping on AliExpress, it is important to distinguish the warranties offered by reliable sellers from the less credible promises of some small sellers.

Reputable brands on the platform often provide genuine warranties, reflecting their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

However, beware of small sellers who promise warranties only to lure buyers. After the purchase, if problems arise, these sellers may not respond, or worse, their shop could disappear.

In such cases, AliExpress’s customer service might not offer effective protection if the transaction did not include their official insurance.

To avoid these pitfalls, here are some tips:

  • Check the seller’s reputation: Read reviews and ratings before making a purchase.
  • Prefer official AliExpress warranties: They offer additional security.
  • Be cautious with overly tempting offers: They may hide unclear or unfulfilled warranty conditions.


In summary, the AliExpress warranty offers significant protection for online buyers. Covering electrical and mechanical breakdowns on a range of products, it secures consumers’ investments. Its partnership with Allianz enhances its reliability and effectiveness.

In the global e-commerce landscape, where consumer trust is paramount, this warranty plays a crucial role. It provides peace of mind to buyers on AliExpress, ensuring rapid and effective support in case of problems.

As savvy consumers, it is important to understand the advantages and limitations of this warranty, as well as to remain vigilant against the promises of warranties offered by some less reliable sellers.

Ultimately, the AliExpress warranty helps to reinforce consumer trust in e-commerce, offering essential protection that promotes a safe and satisfactory shopping experience for all.

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