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recherche par image sur AliExpress
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Find the ideal product with image search on AliExpress

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AliExpress is an e-commerce platform offering a multitude of products.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.

Fortunately, AliExpress offers an image search feature to simplify your search.

In this article, learn how to use this feature to quickly and easily find the desired product.

Image Search on Mobile

To use the image search on mobile, download the AliExpress app on your smartphone or tablet.

In the app, use the image search feature in the following way:

Image search on mobile on AliExpress
Image search on a smartphone

1. Access the image search feature

  • Log in to your AliExpress account: Log in to your account to access all the features of the platform.
  • Click on the camera icon: In the search bar at the top of the page, click on the camera icon to access the image search feature.

2. Use the image search

  • Upload your image: Click on the “Upload Image” button and select the image of the product you are looking for on your device.
  • Adjust the image if necessary: If needed, adjust the image by cropping or selecting a specific area to improve the accuracy of the results.
  • Start the search: Click on the “Search” button to initiate the image search. AliExpress will display products that match the uploaded image.

3. Analyze the search results

  • Compare products: Carefully examine the displayed products to find the one that best meets your expectations.
  • Check customer reviews: Read customer reviews to get an idea of the product’s quality and previous buyers’ satisfaction.
  • Verify seller information: Examine the seller’s information, such as ratings and comments, to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy.

Image Search on Computer

AliExpress Search By Image is a revolutionary browser extension for your shopping!

Unlike other extensions, it does not redirect to Google. It simplifies searching for products directly on AliExpress using just an image.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Install the extension: Easily add it to your Chrome browser.
  • Find an image: Browse the internet and select the image of the product you are interested in.
  • Right-click: Right-click on the image and choose “Search AliExpress by Image.”
  • Explore the results: Browse a variety of similar products on AliExpress in just a few seconds.
The extension: AliExpress Search By Image
The extension: AliExpress Search By Image


The image search on AliExpress is a handy tool for quickly finding the ideal product.

Follow the steps outlined above to fully enjoy this feature and simplify your searches.

Do not hesitate to consult customer reviews and seller information to ensure you make a purchase with confidence.

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