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Cashback sur AliExpress
Le Cashback sur AliExpress

How to Maximize Cashback on AliExpress ?

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The concept of cashback is gaining ground, especially on platforms like AliExpress.

For those engaged in dropshipping, cashback has become a powerful tool. It allows for an increase in margins without any extra effort.

AliExpress, an e-commerce giant, partners with various cashback programs. These partnerships provide a rebate on your purchases, whether for personal items or orders for your business.

By integrating cashback into your purchasing strategy, you open the door to significant savings. Each transaction becomes an opportunity to save a few euros.


What is Cashback?

Cashback refunds a percentage of your online purchases. Simple, right? This method turns every transaction into a saving.

At AliExpress, this means more margins for your business, especially in dropshipping.

Programs like Epn and Admitad play a key role. They integrate seamlessly with Oberlo and Dropified. These tools facilitate order processing.

Using cashback, dropshippers see their costs decrease.

With AliExpress, cashback becomes strategic. It reduces expenses and increases profits. For entrepreneurs, every purchase counts. Cashback programs optimize these purchases.

How to Take Advantage of Cashback on AliExpress?

Taking advantage of cashback on AliExpress is simple. Follow these steps to save on every purchase.

  • Registration: Start by signing up at Igraal. We choose it for its simplicity and effectiveness. By using our link, Igraal offers you 3€ on your first order. A great start!
  • Install the Extension: Then add the Igraal extension to your browser. This is essential. Don’t forget to disable Adblock. Otherwise, the cashback won’t work.
  • Activate Cashback: Visit AliExpress. Click on the extension. A message will confirm the activation of the cashback. You’re ready to save.
  • Purchase: Shop as usual. The cashback activates in the background. Simple and transparent.
  • Tracking: After the purchase, your Igraal account will display the transaction. You’ll see how much you’ve saved.
AliExpress page on Igraal

Commission Rates and Optimizing Purchases

The cashback rates vary depending on the products at AliExpress. Understanding these rates is crucial as they directly influence your savings.

Commissions can go up to 100€ per transaction. Shop smartly. If your cart exceeds 2000€, split it. This maximizes your cashback.

To choose a cashback site, compare them. Rates differ between Igraal, Epn, and Admitad. Your choice should depend on the rates, but also ease of use.

Shop by category. Some products offer more cashback. Identify them and plan your purchases.

In summary, to optimize your purchases on AliExpress:

  • Compare cashback rates.
  • Split large orders.
  • Choose the best cashback site for your needs.

Cashback Payment Timelines

The payment of cashback follows specific rules. Patience is key. After making a purchase on AliExpress, the waiting begins.

Cashback only activates after the customer confirms receipt. This is a crucial step. Without it, there is no cashback.

The timeframes vary among cashback sites. Generally, expect a few weeks. This period ensures everything is in order.

Igraal, Epn, and Admitad differ in their processing times. Do your research. Choose the one that meets your expectations.

In summary, for cashback on AliExpress:

  • Wait for the confirmation of receipt.
  • Understand the delays of different sites.
  • Be patient. Cashback will arrive, but it takes time.

Maximize Your Cashback on AliExpress

Increasing your cashback on AliExpress is possible. Use reward credit cards. American Express is a good choice. Each purchase earns more.

Combine different methods. The more diversified you are, the more you earn. Consider browser extensions and mobile apps.

Key strategy: combine cashback with special offers. Promotions on AliExpress boost your savings. Stay alert.

In summary, to maximize cashback:

  • Use reward credit cards.
  • Combine different sources of cashback.
  • Take advantage of special offers on AliExpress.

These tips reinforce your savings strategy. Cashback then becomes a powerful tool for saving on each purchase.


Cashback on AliExpress is a game changer, especially for dropshipping. It reduces costs and increases margins. Every purchase becomes an opportunity to save.

For entrepreneurs, these savings are crucial. They fund expenses like subscriptions or plugins. Cashback is not just a bonus. It’s a business strategy.

We have shared tips to maximize your cashback. Use reward credit cards. Combine different sources of cashback. Take advantage of special offers.

In summary, cashback offers a path to more savings. For AliExpress users and dropshippers, it’s a powerful tool. Do not underestimate it. Follow our advice and watch your gains increase.

Use every tip. Optimize your earnings through cashback. Your wallet will thank you.

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