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Canceled Shipment
Canceled Shipment on Aliexpress

Canceled Shipment on AliExpress – Solutions and Advice

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Facing a canceled shipment, buyers often find themselves at a loss.

Understanding why AliExpress cancels certain orders is crucial. It not only helps avoid future disappointments but also optimizes the shopping experience.

When AliExpress cancels a shipment, several reasons can be the cause, ranging from a shipping delay by the seller to payment security issues.

Each cancellation follows a clear process, often including a refund within 20 business days.

Knowing these reasons helps to navigate the platform more smoothly and to take the right steps for successful shopping.

Arming yourself with this knowledge transforms the shopping experience on AliExpress. It ensures not only smoother transactions but also contributes to better customer satisfaction.

1. Shipment Delay by the Seller

Navigating on AliExpressa can reveal surprises, such as a shipment delay. This main reason for cancellation often comes from the seller.

They have not shipped your order on time. However, this situation comes with a simple solution.

First, check the remaining processing time. You can easily find it on your order detail page.

A countdown is displayed there, offering total transparency. This step allows you to adjust your expectations.

Regarding the refund, AliExpress follows a clear policy. If your order is canceled for this reason, expect to be refunded within 20 business days.

This standard procedure ensures you are not left at a disadvantage.

In fact, a delay on the seller’s part is not a dead end. With the right reflexes, you maintain control over your shopping experience on AliExpress.

Retard de l'expédition par le vendeur
Shipment Delay by the Seller

2. Order Cancellation by the Buyer

Changed your mind? AliExpress facilitates the order cancellation by the buyer. Here’s how to proceed before the seller ships your purchase.

First, quickly submit your cancellation request. Do it directly on your order page. AliExpress provides this option to act before shipment.

If the seller does not respond within 72 hours, the cancellation becomes automatic. This measure ensures that you are not left waiting indefinitely.

Regarding the refund, the platform is responsive. After the cancellation, expect to be refunded within 20 business days. This policy ensures fair and quick handling of your situation.

Canceling an order on AliExpress is simple and secure. You maintain control, even after placing an order.

Annulation de commande par l'acheteur
Order Cancellation

3. Security Reasons

Payment security is paramount on AliExpress. To ensure it, the platform applies a rigorous verification process. Sometimes, this can lead to the cancellation of an order for security reasons.

Among these reasons, the repeated use of coupons by the same user stands out. AliExpress ensures the fairness of its promotions.

Similarly, incomplete order information can trigger an alert. Therefore, make sure to provide all the necessary details during your purchases.

If your order is canceled for these reasons, the refund process begins within 20 business days.

However, some banks may hold this payment. In such cases, contacting your bank becomes essential. They will guide you through the steps to retrieve your money.

AliExpress goes to great lengths to secure your transactions. Understanding these mechanisms enhances your confidence and optimizes your shopping experience.

Expédition Annulée sur AliExpress en Raisons de sécurité
Shipping Canceled on AliExpress for Security Reasons

How to Check the Cancellation Reason?

To verify the cancellation reason on AliExpress, follow these simple steps. <ol> <li>Start by accessing your account.</li> <li>Click on “Orders”.</li> <li>Select the concerned order.</li> <li>Once on the order page, look for the “Order Details” option. Click on it.</li> </ol> AliExpress clearly displays the cancellation reason. This transparency helps you understand the situation and act accordingly.

This procedure is quick and effective. It allows you to stay informed and manage your purchases on AliExpress confidently.


In conclusion, understanding the reasons for a canceled shipment on AliExpress is essential.

Whether it’s due to a delay by the sender, a cancellation on your part, or security concerns, AliExpress offers clear solutions. Checking the cancellation reason is straightforward and guides you towards resolution.

With this knowledge, you will navigate AliExpress with more confidence and efficiency. Keep these tips handy for a hassle-free online shopping experience.

Source: Aliexpress

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