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Getting a Refund on AliExpress Without Returning
Refund on AliExpress Without Returning

Getting a Refund on AliExpress Without Returning: Steps and Tips

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Did you place an order on AliExpress and now you want to get a refund without returning the item?

This situation, although complex, is common on this vast e-commerce platform.

Understanding AliExpress’s refund policies can help you navigate these sometimes murky waters without having to return your purchase.

AliExpress allows for a refund without return in specific cases such as receiving a counterfeit item, an item not matching its description, or an item that was never received.

This guide covers the clear steps and required conditions to handle these situations. We’ll show you how to simplify the claim process and protect your interests.

1 – Case of Counterfeit or Brand Imitation

Do you suspect that your purchase on AliExpress is a counterfeit? Identifying and reporting a fake is important to obtaining a refund without returning it.

Clearly identify the product as a counterfeit. Compare it with the original brand’s images and descriptions. Note any major differences in quality, materials, or branding. These details will serve as strong evidence.

To report the issue, log in to your AliExpress account. Go to the dispute resolution center and open a claim. Select “Counterfeit item” as the reason.

Prepare your evidence. Clear photographs, detailed descriptions of discrepancies, and sometimes, an expert report may be necessary. Submit these documents via the platform during your claim.

Example of counterfeit Nike shoes
Example of counterfeit Nike shoes

2 – Item Not Matching the Description or the Photo

Have you received an item that doesn’t match the description or the photo on AliExpress? Here’s how to proceed with getting a refund without returning the item.

First, examine the item thoroughly. Compare every detail with the original listing. Take clear photos of the differences to support your claim.

Next, document everything. Include screenshots of the listing and comparative photos. Write a precise description of the discrepancies.

Then, contact the seller via AliExpress messaging. Clearly explain the problem and attach your evidence. Request a full refund without returning the item.

Communication should be concise and factual to facilitate resolution. With good preparation, you maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Example of an ordered product and the product received
Example of an ordered product and the product received

3 – Order Cancellation Accepted by the Seller

Do you want to cancel an order on AliExpress without returning the item? Follow these steps to make the process easier.

Sellers may agree to cancel an order without return for various reasons, such as errors in the item or changes of mind before shipping. However, this depends on the seller’s policy.

Start by contacting the seller immediately via AliExpress. Be clear and courteous, explaining why you want to cancel the order. This can facilitate a quick resolution.

Request written confirmation of the cancellation. This can be done through a message on AliExpress or an email. This written proof is essential to avoid any future misunderstandings.

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4 – Package Not Received

Has your package on AliExpress not arrived? Here’s what to do for an effective refund.

First, check the package tracking. Make sure that the estimated delivery date has passed. These details are crucial to support your claim.

If the package is marked as delivered but you haven’t received it, gather evidence. This could include surveillance footage or testimonials from neighbors.

Next, contact AliExpress customer service. Provide your order number, tracking information, and any evidence you have. Request a refund due to non-receipt.

AliExpress Dispute: Package Not Received, What Should I Do?

Tips to Avoid Refund Issues

  • Choose sellers carefully: Always check their ratings and reviews from other buyers. A seller with good reviews and a long history is generally more reliable.
  • Communicate clearly: Keep all your communications with sellers well documented. In case of a dispute, these exchanges will be valuable evidence.
  • Use protection tools: Take advantage of buyer protection mechanisms offered by AliExpress, such as secure payment and a money-back guarantee.


In summary, navigating refunds on AliExpress without returning the item requires attention and caution. By following the advice provided, you ensure a more secure and efficient experience.

We encourage you to practice thoughtful and informed consumption. Always check seller information and use the protection tools offered by the platform. With these practices, you will improve your transactions on AliExpress, while securing your purchases.

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