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create a seller account on AliExpress
Creating a Seller Account on AliExpress

Creating a Seller Account on AliExpress : All the Steps

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Do you have physical products to sell online ? Are you looking to create a seller account on AliExpress ? Great, you’re in the right place.

This guide will walk you through all the necessary steps to launch your shop on one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms.

From preparing your registration to finalizing your seller profile, we will provide you with the essential information to start effectively.

Steps to Create a Seller Account on AliExpress

1 – Begin Registration

Visit the AliExpress registration page to start the process.

2 – Complete the Form

Select your language and fill out the required fields: seller email address, create a password, scroll through the control bar, accept the terms and click on “Continue”.

formulaire de compte seller sur Aliexpress
The Form to Complete

3 – Confirm Your Email

Check your inbox for a verification code or look in the spam folder if it’s not there. Enter this code on the AliExpress website to confirm your address.

Confirmez votre e-mail
Email confirmation

4 – Provide Your Business Information

Prepare and submit the necessary documents such as the business number and VAT, as well as the business creation letter.

Fournissez vos informations d'entreprise

Your Business Information

5 – Attach the Required Documents

Attach all the requested documentation to complete your business profile on the platform.

documents requis
The Required Company Documents

6 – Provide Information on the Legal Representative

Enter information about the legal representative and the beneficial owners, that is, any person holding more than 25% of the shares or having significant control over the company.

Renseignez le représentant légal
Provide the Legal Representative Information

7 – Wait for Verification

After uploading the documents, AliExpress will review your file and notify you by email once your account is approved.

8 – Access Your Store

Once the confirmation is received, use your credentials to log in through this link and begin managing your online store.

Why Sell on AliExpress?

Selling on AliExpress offers a multitude of attractive benefits for merchants looking to expand their presence in the international market. Here are the main advantages of this platform:

  • Global Audience: Access millions of potential customers worldwide. AliExpress attracts a vast audience, thus increasing your chances of sales.
  • Ease of Use: The platform is designed to be intuitive. You can easily set up and manage your store.
  • Marketing Tools integrated: Take advantage of promotions, seasonal discounts, and advertising campaigns supported by AliExpress to maximize your visibility.
  • Secure Payments: Benefit from reliable and secure payment systems that protect both the seller and the buyer.
  • Multilingual Support: Receive help and advice in multiple languages, which is essential for navigating an international market.
  • Product Diversity: No major restrictions on the types of products sold, giving you the freedom to expand your range of offerings.
  • Data Analytics: Use analytics tools to track your sales, adjust your strategies, and improve the performance of your store.


In summary, creating a seller account on AliExpress represents an exceptional opportunity to expand your market and increase your sales internationally.

With its comprehensive tools, global reach, and intuitive user interface, AliExpress offers a robust platform to transform your business and access a vast global audience.

Get started today to leverage the full potential of this dynamic online marketplace.

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