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Free returns on AliExpress
Free returns on AliExpress

Complete Guide to AliExpress Free Returns to Simplify Your Shopping

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In the world of online shopping, the ability to easily return items is important.

AliExpress understands this well and offers a remarkable service: free returns. This feature ensures a risk-free shopping experience, crucial for customer satisfaction.

The option of free returns on AliExpress transforms online shopping into a calm and secure experience. It allows consumers to order without fear, knowing they can return items if they do not meet their expectations.

This flexibility is particularly appreciated in a context where physical fitting is not possible.

Moreover, this service strengthens trust between AliExpress and its users. It reflects the platform’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

For buyers, this means less hesitation and more freedom in their choices.

How to Use the Free Return Service on AliExpress ?

Submitting the Free Return Request

To initiate a free return on AliExpress, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Confirm receipt of your items.
  • Step 2: Decide to return the product.
  • Step 3: Select the reason for return. Be specific, this is crucial.
  • Step 4: Confirm the expected refund amount.
  • Step 5: Opt for the AliExpress Free Return Service.
  • Step 6: Describe the problem with the product in detail.
  • Step 7: Upload photos or videos proving the defect.
Submission of Free Return Request AliExpress
Submission of Free Return Request AliExpress

Handling Multiple Items in an Order

If your order contains multiple items to return, here’s the procedure:

For the first item: Follow the above steps to obtain a free return label.

For subsequent items: If a return label has already been used for an item in the order, you cannot select the AliExpress Free Return Service option for other items again. However, you can:

  • Group the remaining items into a single package.
  • Use the free return label obtained for the first item.
  • Manually provide the tracking number for the other items in the package.

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Tracking the Status of the Free Return Request

Processing the Request

After submission, AliExpress processes your request within 24 hours. You can track progress online. It’s fast and transparent.

Shipping Return Items

Once approved, download the free return label. It’s simple. Print and attach it to your package. For shipping, pack your items carefully.

Use suitable packaging to prevent damage. Drop off the package at the designated shipping point. Your return is now on its way back.

État de la Demande de Retour Gratuit Aliexpress
download the free return label

Service Points for the Return

The service points for free returns are widely accessible. AliExpress covers many countries, including France (FR), the United States (US), Spain (ES), Brazil (BR), the Netherlands (NL), Israel (IL), the United Kingdom (UK), Germany (DE), Italy (IT), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Belgium (BE), Portugal (PT), Mexico (MX), Chile (CL), Ukraine (UA), and Russia (RU).

To drop off your package, choose a post office or an express station near you. These points are equipped to process your return quickly.

In Russia, a simple barcode is sufficient for the return, without the need to print the label.

Tip: Return your items within 5 days. This accelerates the refund. Always check AliExpress’s official site for the latest information on service points.

Reception and Inspection of Returned Items by the Warehouse

Once your package arrives at the warehouse, the inspection process begins. The team checks each item to ensure it meets the return criteria. This step is crucial and takes about 2 business days.

During the inspection, the warehouse evaluates the condition of the product. They confirm whether the item is undamaged and complies with the return description. This accuracy ensures fair treatment for all.

Delays can occur, especially during holidays or in cases of high volume of returns. Your patience is appreciated during these periods.

Once the inspection is completed, and if all is in order, the refund process begins. AliExpress strives to make this step as quick and smooth as possible for you.

Finalizing the Return and Refund

As soon as the warehouse confirms receipt of your return, the refund process starts. This step marks the end of your return journey.

The refund is usually made quickly, often within 3 to 20 business days. This timeframe varies depending on your original payment method.

AliExpress ensures that the refund reaches you without delay.

If a problem arises, AliExpress intervenes. The platform guarantees a fair and equitable resolution for each case. Your satisfaction remains an absolute priority.

Finalisation du Retour
Finalizing the Return


The free return service from AliExpress is a cornerstone of online trust. It offers unparalleled peace of mind to shoppers. With this service, shopping becomes a risk-free experience.

For an optimal return experience, act quickly. Return items within the recommended timeframes. Document the reasons for the return well. And above all, follow the shipping instructions to the letter.

This service demonstrates AliExpress’s commitment to customer satisfaction. It is designed to make your online shopping easy and safe. With these tips in hand, you are ready for a hassle-free shopping experience on AliExpress.

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