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Comment retournerr un Article sur AliExpress
Guide Complet sur Comment retournerr un Article sur AliExpress

Returning a product on AliExpress : The Ultimate Guide

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AliExpress, a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, is a popular online shopping site offering quality items at competitive prices.

However, what happens when you are not satisfied with your purchase?

In this article, we will explain step-by-step how to return a product on AliExpress, from choosing the return options to receiving your refund.

How to Make a Return on AliExpress?

When you receive a product that does not meet your expectations, the first thing to do is to determine the type of return possible: free or paid.

For a paid return, you will need to cover the shipping costs. Sometimes, considering these costs, it might be wiser to request a refund without returning the item.

If the return is free, the procedure is a bit different. Here is how to proceed:

  1. Go to the AliExpress website and identify the item you wish to return.
  2. Click on “Return Goods”.
  3. Select the reason for the return.
  4. Wait for AliExpress to accept your request. This can take one to two days.
  5. Once your request is accepted, click on “Get a free return tracking number” to obtain your return label.
  6. Download and print the free return label.
  7. Pack the item you want to return carefully and make sure to include the return label in the package.
  8. Drop off the package at a return point within 15 days of receiving the label. If you exceed this deadline, the return label will be cancelled.
  9. Once the package is returned, you will need to wait up to an additional 15 days to receive your refund.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Item Return on AliExpress

We have already covered the basic steps for returning an item on AliExpress.

However, there are additional tricks that can make your return experience even smoother and hassle-free.

Communicate with the Seller

Open and transparent communication with the seller is crucial when returning a product.

Sometimes, the seller may offer alternative solutions such as a replacement or a partial refund without having to return the item. Make sure to clearly explain the reason for your return.

Document Everything

Take photos or videos of the item before returning it. This will provide you with evidence in case of a dispute regarding the condition of the returned item.

This is a crucial step, especially for high-value items.

Consider Return Insurance

For expensive items, it might be wise to purchase return insurance.

This insurance can cover you if the item is lost or damaged during the return transit.

Respect the Deadlines

Remember that you have a 15-day period to return the item after receiving the return label.

Make sure to respect this deadline to avoid having your return cancelled.

Be Aware of Return Costs

As mentioned earlier, some items on AliExpress can be returned for free, while others may require you to pay the return costs.

Make sure to understand these costs before starting the return process.

If you follow these additional tips, you can ensure that your product return on AliExpress goes as smoothly as possible.

Understanding Common Causes of Returns on AliExpress

Understanding the typical reasons for returns can help us avoid potential problems before they occur.

Here are some of the most common reasons why AliExpress customers choose to return their items.

Incorrect Item

This is one of the most frequent causes of returns. Sometimes, customers receive an item different from what they ordered.

This can be due to a mistake by the seller when preparing the order or a misdescription of the product.

Manufacturing Defects

It happens that products arrive with manufacturing defects, such as missing parts, operational issues, or visible flaws.

These issues generally justify a return for a refund or exchange.

Item Damaged

If the product is damaged during transit, it makes sense that customers would want to return it.

This could include cosmetic damage, like scratches or dents, or functional damage, such as an electronic device not working properly.

Size or Fit Issue

This is a common reason for returns of clothing and shoes.

Customers may find that the item does not fit their size, even if they ordered according to the provided size information.

General Dissatisfaction

Sometimes, customers may simply be dissatisfied with their purchase for various subjective reasons.

They may not like the color, the quality may not meet their expectations, or the item may not meet their needs.

Full Refund Without Return: The Exceptions on AliExpress

There are situations where AliExpress allows a full refund without a return of the item.

Although they are not common, it is useful to know these exceptions that can make your shopping experience easier.

Undelivered Products

If your product is not delivered within the expected timeframe, you are entitled to a full refund.

AliExpress offers a “On-Time Delivery Guarantee” that states if you do not receive your purchase within the timeframe promised by the seller, you can get a full refund.

Damaged Products

In some cases, if you receive a product that is damaged or does not work properly, AliExpress may offer a full refund without requiring a return.

You must document the condition of the product upon arrival with photos or videos to support your claim.

Inaccurate Product Description

If a product received does not match the seller’s description, AliExpress may offer a full refund.

Again, accurate and detailed documentation is essential to prove that the received product differs from what was advertised.

Exorbitant Return Costs

In some cases, if the return costs are too high relative to the value of the item, AliExpress may decide it makes more sense to offer a refund without a return.

Counterfeit Products

AliExpress takes intellectual property rights protection very seriously. If you receive a product that turns out to be a counterfeit or fake brand, AliExpress offers a full refund without returning the item.

To prove your claim, you must provide evidence, such as photos or videos, showing that the product is counterfeit.

Rewarded Loyalty

AliExpress has a points system called “AliExpress Points”. These points are awarded for certain actions performed on the site, such as making purchases or leaving reviews.

Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you may be eligible for a refund without return. The exact number of points required varies, and AliExpress reserves this option for its most loyal members. It’s a way for AliExpress to thank its most committed customers.

How to Track Your AliExpress Order?

Tracking your order is easy on AliExpress. You simply need to go to the “My Orders” section, select the order in question, click on “Details” then copy the tracking number and paste it into the dedicated form. Then click on “Track Package”.

You will then have access to information about the current location and status of your package.

How to Track Your Package on AliExpress : Tips and Solutions

How to Cancel an AliExpress Order?

If you regret a recent order, you can cancel it easily:

  1. Go to your order list.
  2. Find the order you want to cancel.
  3. Click on “Cancel Order”.
  4. Select a reason for cancellation.
  5. Click on “Submit”.
  6. To expedite the consideration of your cancellation request, you can contact the seller directly.

How to Contact AliExpress Customer Service?

AliExpress customer service is not reachable by phone.

We recommend contacting them by email.

Be sure to write your email in English to increase your chances of getting a quick response.


Returning products on AliExpress is a relatively simple process if you follow the steps correctly.

The key is to understand the return conditions and respect the deadlines to avoid any problems.

By acting quickly and communicating effectively with the seller and customer service, you can ensure that your return goes smoothly.

So, don’t hesitate to make good deals knowing that you can return an item on Aliexpress if necessary.

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