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Foiling AliExpress
Foiling AliExpress Scams

Foiling AliExpress Scams : Our Guide to Secure Shopping

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Buying on AliExpress often holds pleasant surprises, but beware of scams.

These AliExpress scams can ruin your shopping experience. Our guide will enlighten you on the fraudulent tactics to avoid.

You will learn how to secure your purchases on this popular platform. We cover the warning signs and strategies to outsmart scammers.

With increased vigilance, scams will have no secrets for you.

How to Recognize Scams on AliExpress?

To avoid scams, you need to know how to recognize warning signals. Here is a list of practical tips to guide you:

  • Beware of overly tempting offers. An extremely low price often indicates a scam. Question the reality of the offer before proceeding with the purchase.
  • Analyze the product’s images. Retouched or overly perfect images should raise your suspicions. For better assurance, compare these images to customer reviews. This will help you get a more accurate idea of the product.
  • Check evaluations and reviews. These are key indicators of a product’s quality and a seller’s reliability. Authentic and detailed reviews are often a sign of a good purchase.
  • Be wary of repetitive or generic reviews. Comments that are too similar or lack detail can be signs of fake reviews. Look for sellers who have accumulated a large number of positive and authentic evaluations.
  • Prefer well-rated sellers. Sellers with a good reputation and many positive evaluations are generally more reliable. Take the time to check their history and the comments left by previous buyers.

What are the common types of scams on AliExpress?

We will cover the common scams on AliExpress. Familiarizing yourself with these pitfalls is crucial for any online shopper.

We will guide you through the warning signals and dubious practices. This knowledge will equip you with the necessary tools to navigate safely.

Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products hold a prominent place. This practice affects many recognized brands. Cheap imitations slip among legitimate offers.

Their price? Often derisory. But the real cost? Quality and legality.

To unmask these counterfeits, scrutinize the details. From poorly imitated logos to rough finishes, the signs are unmistakable.

Evaluations from other buyers can also shed light on your decision. They often share real photos and their impressions.

Remember: a price too low to be true? It probably is. Prefer verified sellers and official brands.

Thus, you avoid pitfalls and support authenticity. Make caution your mantra for a flawless online shopping experience.

Counterfeit product on AliExpress
Example of counterfeit Nike shoes

False Promotions

False promotions are another common scam tactic on AliExpress. Sellers display impressive discounts, promising irresistible deals.

But be careful, the real purpose is often to lure you in.

To spot these false promotions, pay attention to usual prices. A quick comparison with other sites can reveal significant discrepancies.

Abnormally low prices for high-value items should raise your suspicions.

Also check the duration of the promotion. Legitimate offers usually have a limited period. If a “flash sale” seems eternal, question its validity.

Finally, read the reviews. They can provide clues about the reliability of promotional offers. Do previous buyers mention benefiting from the advertised promotion? Their comments are a wealth of information.

False promotion AliExpress
Example of a false promotion on AliExpress

Misleading Descriptions and Images

Misleading descriptions and images create a gap between promise and reality on AliExpress.

These dubious practices attract buyers with appealing visuals and flattering promises. The reality? Often disappointing.

To avoid falling into this trap, start by analyzing the images. Photos of very high quality without any imperfections? Be skeptical.

Look for photos posted by buyers. They offer a more authentic view of the product.

Descriptions should also be scrutinized critically. Vague or superlative terms without concrete proof deserve special attention.

Compare the advertised features with customer feedback. These often reveal the truth behind the exaggerations.

Another tip: be wary of descriptions that do not match the images. This mismatch is a clear warning signal. Buyer reviews can clarify this point.

Delivery Problems

Delivery problems represent a major frustration on AliExpress. Two situations stand out: products never delivered and the delivery of a different, cheaper product.

These scenarios create not only irritation but also distrust.

For orders never arrived, first check the tracking. A prolonged delay? Contact the seller. No satisfactory response? AliExpress offers a dispute system. Use it to defend your rights.

If you receive a different product, cheaper than the one ordered, act quickly. Take photos as evidence. Communicate with the seller to report the error.

If the dialogue does not lead to a resolution, open a dispute on AliExpress.

Communication is very important in these situations. Be precise and keep all evidence of your exchanges. These measures strengthen your position in a dispute.

Ghost Sellers

Ghost sellers on AliExpress pose a real problem. They appear suddenly, sell, then disappear. Identifying these malicious actors is important to protect your interests.

First clue: the seller’s history. A recent account with few or no evaluations? Be cautious. These ephemeral profiles are often ghost sellers.

Second signal: overly attractive offers. Incredibly low prices for high-value items should alert you.

This may indicate a seller who aims to quickly attract buyers before disappearing.

Thirdly, check the communication. Legitimate sellers usually respond to questions. Radio silence? Red flag.

Finally, reviews about the seller are a treasure trove of information. Negative comments or complaints about non-delivery? Avoid the seller.

Payments Outside of AliExpress

Payments outside of AliExpress represent a major risk. Some sellers suggest paying directly, promising better prices or faster delivery. Beware: it’s an open door to scams.

The main risk? Losing your buyer protection. AliExpress cannot intervene in case of a problem if the transaction is done outside its platform. You might never receive your order or receive a non-compliant item.

To avoid these pitfalls, a golden rule: stay on AliExpress for all your transactions. The platform secures your purchases and offers a dispute system in case of problems.

Beware of messages urging you to pay otherwise. Reliable sellers do not break AliExpress rules. In case of doubt, report the seller to AliExpress. Your vigilance protects not only your interests but also those of the community.

Selling Forbidden Items

Selling forbidden items on AliExpress involves serious legal risks. Some sellers may offer items not authorized in your country. Purchasing these products exposes you to legal consequences.

Firstly, receiving forbidden items can lead to sanctions. This ranges from fines to more serious legal troubles. The responsibility? It falls on you, even if unaware.

To avoid these troubles, be informed about your country’s laws. Some seemingly harmless products may be regulated or completely prohibited.

Always check the legality of items before buying. Doubts about a product? Better to abstain. Serious sellers list shipping restrictions. Take this information into account.

Protection Strategies

To navigate safely on AliExpress, adopt these protection strategies. They minimize risks and strengthen trust in your transactions.

Transaction security is paramount. Always pay via AliExpress. This way, your purchases remain under buyer protection. Avoid direct payments to sellers. This golden rule keeps your financial information safe.

Use AliExpress guarantees to your advantage. The platform offers a refund system in case of problems. Item not received? Not as described? AliExpress can intervene. Read the terms of these guarantees to know when and how to activate them.

Communication with sellers plays a key role. Before buying, ask questions. Clarify your doubts. A good seller will respond in detail and promptly. These exchanges provide useful evidence in case of a dispute.

What Should I Do in Case of a Scam?

In the event of a scam on AliExpress, acting quickly is important. Here are the steps to report the incident and seek a refund.

First, contact the seller. Explain the problem clearly. Capture evidence, such as photos or screenshots. These elements are essential if you move to the next step.

No resolution? Open a dispute on AliExpress. Do this before the purchase protection expires. Describe the problem and attach your evidence. AliExpress will review the case.

The AliExpress customer service plays a mediator role. If the seller does not respond or refuses to resolve the problem, AliExpress can intervene. Their decision is based on the evidence provided.

Finally, be patient but persistent. The process can take time. Follow your case and respond promptly to requests for additional information.

Our Tips for Secure Purchasing

For a secure purchase on AliExpress, some key tips will guide you. These tips increase your chances of successful and satisfying transactions.

Pay attention to the number of reviews. A product well-rated by many buyers is often a sign of reliability. Look for products with hundreds, or even thousands, of reviews.

Reviews of 4.7 stars and above are particularly reassuring. They indicate high customer satisfaction. Read a few comments to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

The number of orders also provides a valuable indication. A frequently ordered item is more likely to be of good quality. It’s a sign of trust from buyers.

The seniority of the store is a significant criterion. A store that has been around for several years tends to be more reliable than a newcomer. Scammers often change stores to avoid being spotted.

How to Recognize a Good Seller on AliExpress ?


Although AliExpress scams can be concerning, it is important to emphasize the overall reliability of this platform. The majority of transactions, over 99%, occur without a hitch, demonstrating the efficiency and safety of AliExpress for buyers worldwide.

The platform strives to secure purchases and encourage a positive experience. In case of problems, the possibility of opening a dispute is a significant safety net for consumers. The responsive and attentive customer service plays an essential role in the quick and effective resolution of the rare disputes.

AliExpress remains an attractive and safe online shopping destination, with measures in place to protect its users. By staying vigilant and following the shared advice, you can navigate this platform with confidence, enjoying a wide range of products at competitive prices.

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